51 It’s also usually about half the price of a Leatherman Skeletool. All of the blades are accessible from the outside while the tool is folded up, and all of the blades lock. There is a need and/or use for every single tool on the device. Any flaws we listed above were literal mere inconveniences with regards to the value and quality of build. Does the Spyderco Tenacious Still Stack Up? The Gerber Suspension isn’t a top of the line tool but then it was never intended to be. Gerber Suspension Cons – Things We Didn’t Like, Conclusion – Final Thoughts On the Gerber Suspension, Leatherman Skeletool is an extremely popular pocket multi tool, Gerber Dime, check out our full review here, Best Keychain Multi Tools – Easy to Carry Gadgets. It’s built like a tank and was made to last a literal lifetime. It is a great tool for the beginner, but also a … Leatherman vs Gerber: Which Multi-Tool is Right for You? Titanium handles and a pair of spring-loaded pliers make the Suspension one of our go-to multitools under $50. The suspension butterfly opening makes the pliers feel better than any other pliers. To be fair, I had just received the tool in the mail, so there is a good chance it just needed to be broken in. Every major multi tool manufacturer knows that all of its customers aren’t dropping $100+ dollars on a pocket tool. The amount of tools that it comes with for the price point is nothing short of spectacular. The Gerber Suspension MultiTool is the perfect mix of form and function. Save $ 5.09 (17 %) Gerber Dime 10-in-1 Multi-Tool in Black (28) Model# 31-001134 $ 14 54. Though it has some quirks, it’s an excellent tool for a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or weekend warrior. This is a preowned Gerber "Suspension" Stainless Steel Multi Function Tool and as such is used.This Gerber has been cleaned, (wiped down) and reviewed for any obvious damage or missing parts. Not only is it a larger multi tool with more included functions, but it weighs less than ⅔ the weight of the Suspension. The knife blade in particular is much too small for serious work. It’s compact, includes a good selection of functional tools, and does what it’s advertised to do. A field-tested classic that never disappoints, the Suspension is the benchmark tool of convenience and durability. With durable construction and top built quality, it makes a great product. I put some WD40 on the internal moving parts and was easily able to open it with one hand. It has a magnetic hex bit driver, SOG’s compound leverage plier system, and several more features not found on the Suspension. 1 Spring loaded needle nose plier During his career, he has worked at some of the most well-known adventure brands including Patagonia and The North Face in marketing, operations and product development. Multi-tool Gerber Suspension - Review - Duration: 4:34. Read multiple reviews from hundreds of people. Weighing in at just 9 ounces, it’s so lightweight that you’ll sometimes forget you’re wearing it. The Gerber Suspension MultiTool was created in order to disrupt the multitool market. Made from stainless steel and with a 25 year guarantee you can be sure of giving a hardwearing and long lasting gift. Gerber takes customer reviews and concerns very carefully and with each passing year, incorporates new features and designs into their products. Gerber Suspension review. Buy from Amazon. The Wingman is Leatherman’s own flagship value priced tool. It may not be the most robust of multi-tools, but it’s a high-quality product priced well below other offerings int he mid … Latest deals. The Leatherman Wingman is a great all around multitool for those who dont want to shell out $100+ for some of the others on this list. This is a suspension Multi-Plier that has 12 unique tools integrated within it. The first thing we loved was the affordable price. Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool – Gear Review. Value multi tools are a large and growing part of the overall multi tool market. It weighs a full 9 oz for a sub 4 in multi tool. There are three different screwdrivers on the Suspension, two flatheads and a cross driver intended for phillips head screws. Therefore it doesn't owe me anything. The Suspension just feels more cheaply made than either the Wingman or the Sidekick. Available at … Best of all, it comes with a durable, ballistic-cloth nylon sheath that will last a long time. With 12 other tools, you're always ready. All in all, the Gerber Suspension gives you a lot of value for your money. What once started off as a simple kitchen knife-making operation has turned into an American icon. The sliding Safe-T-Loc system (similar to the Blackie Collins "Bolt Action" lock) locks each tool securely in place. Both tools work as well as I would expect any top name multi-tool should, but through experience and use I have definitely picked a favorite. The Gerber Suspension has several more functions than the Skeletool does, including scissors, a can opener, and a saw. Leatherman Tread Bracelet Multi-Tool Review. They are a narrow needle nose design which always seems to come in handy when working on bikes. The Gerber Suspension is a great tool, and a tremendous value. Gerber Suspension Review Gerber Suspension is one solid and sturdy multi-tool here. Inspired by the bridges of Gerber’s hometown in Portland, Oregon, the Suspension is an open frame multitool with spring-loaded pliers, our SAF.T.PLUS™ locking system, a fine-edge knife, serrated knife, rough cut saw and more. It gets high marks for quality and affordability. The lock system does not hinder the ability to quickly and efficiently grab the tool and put it to use. A perfect addition to your tool kit – we love it. Product Title Gerber Gear Suspension 12-Tool Multi-Tool Pliers with Sheath Average Rating: ( 4.6 ) out of 5 stars 20 ratings , based on 20 reviews Current Price $41.51 $ 41 . None of the tools on the Dime work as well as those on a full size multi tool. The can/bottle opener on the Gerber Suspension has a very odd look to it but works well enough. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. The Sog PowerAccess beats out the Gerber Suspension handily. I own the Gerber Suspension and a Leatherman Wave. The cross driver is common on value priced multi tools as it’s cheaper to manufacture and saves on space. Whether to save time, save the day, or save a life, Gerber products have delivered for over 75 years. Gerber SECOND - Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool SECOND - AS NEW WITH ENGRAVING OVERWRITTEN AND NO PACKAGING RRP £74.99 $84.69 83,56 € £62.49 $84.69 69,63 € Save 40% The Gerber Suspension was purpose built as an affordable and functional multi tool. Only our Best Buy winning Leatherman Wingman edged out the Suspension as the top value. We researched close to 100 multi-tools, deciding on 19 to test. Unfortunately, you might as well go ahead and throw it away as soon as you open the package. The cut-out areas make this multitool look very sleek and slick…a long ways away from the boxy, ugly, heavy multitools that flooded the market 10 years ago. Review Rating. It’s made by an American company with a long history of making knives and multitools. As a qualified First Responder Medic I alway had this on my utility belt. At just under 2 inches in length it’s almost impossible to effectively saw through materials larger than ½ to ¾ of an inch in diameter. For the price, the Gerber Suspension MultiTool is a solid tool that should last you a literal lifetime if you take care of it (a little basic maintenance every few months will help it go a long way). It combines reasonable quality tools in a small package at a price anyone can afford. Now that you know more about the Suspension you’re probably wondering how it stacks up against similar tools. It had cut out holes that looked like they were cut by a laser. Best Multi-tool under $50 They’ve responded by creating high value tools at affordable prices. Gerber Suspension review. Store options: St. John's Hebron Way, NL-40 Hebron Way, NL … This one’s pretty easy to call. It comes with 12 different tools in a lightweight package. It also has a cutout design that Gerber claims reduces its overall weight. Despite the fact I am no longer in this position due to my disability, I still … The Leatherman Skeletool is an extremely popular pocket multi tool that pushes the limits of how stripped down a multi tool can get. Gerber Suspension Review. It has many of the same tools that are included with the Gerber Suspension, just in a shrunken down form. The Gerber Suspension is a value tool for the value market. In our analysis of 124 expert reviews, the Gerber Gear Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier placed 8th when we looked at The Gerber Suspension is a fairly large tool with a solid steel body and a large selection of tools. The Skeletool is popular for a reason, it’s lightweight, well made, and designed to provide you with the tools you need anywhere you go. When it comes to EDC and outdoor gear, the name Gerber stands out from the rest of the pack. Gerber Mini Suspension-P Review Written by freginold. Gerber markets it as a lightweight and low cost tool but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We also like the compact style. You could buy an el cheapo, no-name brand multitool knock-off from China, but you’d wind up having to replace it after only a few uses. Top positive review. The knife blade and scissors are also both longer and more functional than those on the Suspension. This helps decrease the weight as well as adding strength to the overall two handles. Gerber Suspension Multi-tool Review. The last tool on the Suspension is the lanyard hole. If you want quality construction in a well thought out multitool, then Gerber is your only choice. Unlike the standard 600 series Multi-Plier, the Suspension does not use the typical Gerber sliding jaw mechanism. The Truss marks an all-new product for Gerber. The best thing we can say about the Gerber Suspension is that it’s good enough, and that’s all it needs to be. Taking design cues from the original, the suspension-nxt is the evolution of a classic. I purchased this to replace the one I purchased whilst in the Army over 20 years ago. That isn’t to say there’s nothing to like about the Suspension. Includes a handy sheath. new To the suspension-nxt is a wire stripper, medium flathead driver, awl, file, and ruler but the benchmark features remain: all outboard tools, all locking tools, and spring-loaded jaws. Gerber is very good about standing by their warranty. I’m right handed and my girlfriend is left handed. That tells you it is more a medium-duty multi-tool rather than heavy-duty. All individual tools can be opened from the outside, except for the pair of pliers. The spring loaded plier jaws butterfly open. Multiple Tools and Functions 1,197 1 minute read. I've had a decent number of full size and mini multitools and the Gerber Mini Suspension is definitely a well thought out and useful option at a price that's almost a no brainer. A great option for Boy Scouts, youth, or occasional users. The Leatherman Wave+ is the company’s current flagship multi tool. It includes 18 different tools in a 4.1 in 5.9 oz package. The needle-nose pliers has spring-loaded grips, a bolt grip, and wire-cutters. Having multiple tools in one place for easy access, compact and always available, the Gerber Multi-tool is the perfect example of such a model. Love the approach of the tools on this MT, they have beefed up the tools thickness, also the toolset is very good for EDC. Housed in a ballistic nylon sheath, it’s a lightweight down-and-dirty workhorse. Zach Belmont has been working in the outdoor apparel industry in one form or another for over 20 years. If you are looking for a very useful gift idea, look no further than the Suspension NXT Multi Tool from Gerber. It delivers high quality performance at a bargain price. About Us  |  Privacy Policy  |  Terms of Service. Reviewed by Amanda Hayes If you are looking for a very useful gift idea, look no further than the Suspension NXT Multi Tool from Gerber. I purchased this to replace the one I purchased whilst in the Army over 20 years ago. Related Searches. If at any time your product breaks due to poor craftsmanship or material failure you can send it back for repair or replacement. The multitool had a few minor drawbacks. A full featured multi-tool from Gerber. Add to Wish List. Just my personal choice. You won’t find the Chinese knock-offs offering a lifetime warranty like Gerber does. The Suspension NXT has been designed to appeal to the EDC user rather than it’s older brother the Suspension which was for the tradesperson. - Duration: 15:43. Read our full length Leatherman OHT multi tool review. The flathead screwdrivers come in small and large size. Inspired by the bridges of Gerber’s hometown in Portland, Oregon, the Suspension is an open frame multitool with spring-loaded pliers, our SAF.T.PLUS™ locking system, a fine-edge knife, serrated knife, rough cut saw and more. The new NXT (also made in China) is very flimsy and poorly made, the pocket clip is great if you like cutting your hand or ripping your clothes with sharp edges. While the included tools aren’t the best they usually get the job done. The following is a review for: Gerber Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool, Black, One Size. Overall though, our biggest complaint was the Suspension’s weight. The SOG PowerAccess is the middle tier tool in SOG’s power line. Our review. In general that’s the task we most often need a small screwdriver for. Light -Medium duty tool for work or EDC. ... Gerber Suspension NXT 15-N-1 Multi-Tool with Pocket Clip (81) Model# 31-003634 $ 24 88 $ 29.97. For the price, the Gerber Suspension MultiTool is a solid tool that should last you a literal lifetime if you take care of it (a little basic maintenance every few months will help it go a long way). It was designed and built to be a decent quality tool at a very approachable price. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Gerber Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool, Black, One Size. Gerber’s first entry to the plier’s based multi-tool company was the slide-to-engage design Gerber Multi-Plier 600.

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