Eddie Markham at Gold City Savannas gave him the nickname "Big 2". This old lady (born in Feb 2008) has been a top performer for a decade as well. This old gal turned 10 years old this year. Her pedigree is heavy KRI 522 Goliath on the top and 4C W118 "Big 2" on the bottom. Our goal is to produce the best quality Savanna breed stock at a reasonable price. Originating in Africa, Savannas are stellar meat goats. They are a relatively rare breed in the United States. JCS 8 (pictured left) was a direct import by Jurgen Schulz to the USA. The result is a meat goat that demonstrates exceptional hardiness, the breed moves easily and can if necessary can travel long distances in search of fodder and water. We believe "being alive" and making quality babies for a decade, is an important measure of performance during an era with limited production data. Because of their loose skin, these goats also have good tick resistance.” Although the real origin of this breed is murky, we've generally attributed it to a ranch in South Africa in 1957; Cilliers and Sons, near the Vaal River. The white Savanna goat breed was developed from indigenous goats of South Africa. Savannas at the Kifaru sale in 1998. The Savanna Goat Society of South Africa was established in 1993 and created a … This old gal has 10 years of proven performance. Various farmers bred what was known as white Boer goats for a number of years in South Africa. It was with great joy that we were able to find he had been collected by Nanette Brock in Texas. (434) 531-1393  Jamie Ryan Ballif or Trevor Ballif. DNA verified with AKGA and microchipped. He was imported to Scandia, Alberta from South Africa by Keri-rose consulting as a frozen embryo. We first put Little Georgie kids on the ground here at Sleepy Hollow Farm in 2013. We are excited about this "new" old bloodline antique. KRI Y8 had been a poster buck for us, when we became Savanna breeders more than 12 years ago. resistant and need little input for quick weight gain. He is the sire of KRI Y8 and TTS Savanna 3 "Bubba". Jerry then closed his herd and thus NJW became a distinct blood line. WW E05 is the son of JCS 16 and JCS 18, which were imported as live animals from South Africa. Sabrina has nice pigment, good developing structure, and a great disposition. We are once again completely SOLD OUT! to open the certificate. All out of old line DNA verified parentage--Most are DNA Africa genetics brought in by Dennise Peterson, but the sire for Hyas came from the Wilson's Summer Place herd which came from the Kifaru sale in Lampasas Texas. The Savanna is a hardy and adaptable indigenous breed, and its pigmentation protects it against the fierce African sun. Jerry collaborated with Bill Ryals and the Wilson brothers (SP75) to share original savanna bucks for their ET projects. The Savanna goat’s origin began in the Savanna Veld of South Africa in 1957. Here is a link to the Goat Rancher article about the JCS original import. Zeus was purchased by Don Williams and Carl Langle at the dispersion sale in 1998. Click on our Savanna History tab for details. We hope to bring original buck lines back to life for our customers while being a conservation herd for the breed. 1070 Beaver Dam Rd, Keswick, VA 22947, US | Jamie- 434/531-1393. We are pleased to have Both of WWD1's Parents were born in South Africa, imported as live Ashley has 1x1 teat structure, nice top line, total black skin under her coat, and a balanced appearance. Pansy is an "Iron Man" daughter. Ireland and her litter mate "Caddy" are making big names in the industry. One of the advantages of these white goats was the fact that the white color is dominant over most other colors. This sire was born in Australia and a direct import by Ken Mincey (MGF) to his Georgia farm. This is the "Old Man" of our farm. Zeus is the son of the original imported JCS17 buck and JCS 22 dam, both born in South Africa. Fast growing and meat on the bone was her goals for profit. Once fully grown, a carcass provides around 30kg of meat. Savanna goats. Roman nose and pigmentation are perfect. In 2019 she was paired with Amorearts Z Kronos in an embryo flush project. Mercedes is a cross of early MGF and ITG breeding. Arizona Meat Goats F2 25 Charlemagne and Indian Territories Atlas' Hyas were two of the first bucks to contribute to our herd. Various farmers bred what was known as white Boer goats for a number of years in South Africa. South African Savanna goats were developed in 1955 in South Africa with the aid of natural selection of the indigenous goats of the area, the original breeders valued traits that would ensure the survival of a profitable animal under unfavorable environmental conditions, the goats were required to endure extremes of heat, intense sunshine, cold and rain. He has a nice tall stature and meaty frame with dark black pigment. Savanna Goats for Sale (2020): Directory of Savanna Goat Breeders If you're looking for Savana goats for sale , we've got you covered! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. They have thick, pliable hides with short, white hair, and are resistant to heat and … His Dam is 4C X409; a Heatland flush of doe WW D01 (Out of JCS 16 and JCS 22 both born in South Africa). Her pedigree traces to Brian Payne's embryo import KRI S506 from the Konie Kotze' herd in South Africa. best goats in our industry. Evelyn shown left at 6 1/2 months. in 2006, Kronos holds very rare genetics in the Savanna industry. doe. Tim and Teresa Swain (TTS) were early Savanna breeders in North Carolina. Since then, an import ban has been in place, thus preventing anymore direct South African imports. We have been performing an AI (Artificial Insemination) and Embryo transplants using the semen from original import progeny over the industry's top performing does. His sire was "Goliath" (KRI 522) and his dam DF 518 Rising Sun Ranch 101, from Dawn (Stiegler) Mincey's personal program. She was the smallest of the three and weighed 100 pounds at a year old. Despite the white colour, the Savannah goat is extremely well pigmented. Country Livestock Savanna Goats is a family-owned and operated livestock farm located in the northwestern part of Ohio state. Many Savanna breeders wish they could have purchased original import stock in 1998 during the dispersion sale. FB4 has travelled the south, fighting both dogs and coyotes, losing part of her ear, but protecting her kids. The meat is muc h like lamb, only healthier and less fatty. Dawn has a good eye for goats. Pictured left , at 4 months in 2013. He was selected for our breeding program back in 2012 and 2013 due to tank/train conformation and fine muscling. We are once again SOLD OUT of our older Kids! The South African Savanna market is as strong as ever. Erin's bloodline traces to the 2011 Maryland goat test ADG (Average daily weight gain) winner. Jerry Webb's champion buck NJW Green 44 top and bottom in his pedigree Origins of Savanna Breed The Savanna breed was developed from the indigenous goats of South Africa. Keep an eye out for JCS 35 in your pedigrees. All of our Savannas are DNA qualified. We like his enthusiasm as well as his conformation. He has great tank/train conformation, nice roman nose, and dark black pigment. This 19 month old is already a proven performer. traded Brom to Eddie Markham in 2013 for Catapult. JCS 35 was an original import progeny. Genetic heritability of traits will vary, but you can see why we acquired her. very rare to the Pi breeders. Looking for great things from their program. It is very rare in the United States. left at 6 years old. This 2 year old buck is being groomed to continue Sleepy Hollow's NJW line. "Dollar", pictured left, provided genetic diversity to a small genetic pool at the time. We were able to program additional recipients and implant these embryos in September 2019. She weaned the twins (Babyface Nelson and Cool Hand Luke) at 93 days with weights of 66.5 and 61.5lbs. South African Savanna Goats For Sale: Our goats are registered with Pedigree International and we do our DNA testing with VGL in Davis, CA. Y8's sire was one of the imported embryos from SA. I have 3 females and 2 males. We have just updated photos of Our Goats! She was Denise's Amore Arts Goat farm in California, with complete DNA histories, has helped preserve the SA Savanna's integrity and breed conservation. Dollar is the second most productive buck in the Savanna history with over 130 registered offspring. Young goats for sale. The white Savanna goat breed was developed from indigenous goats of South Africa. His Kronos is long in the loin and tall (train/frame conformation), but also holding the rare genetics in the seed stock breeding programs. Each of Bam Bam's owners have been able to create a herd of large does that are hearty, parasite. She is a young daughter of the prolific WW E05 from Boney Winkler and Ty Williamson's (WW) original savanna program, and her dam is GCS Fiona (Brom Bones/X414 daughter). KRI516 "Koenie" was an imported embryo, Catapult's picture was featured in Goat Journal Magazine May/June 2019 about the Savanna breed. preserve her favorite money making asset. Denise Peterson's import of Savanna embryos from South Africa in 2001, is one of only four sources of genetics here in the USA. the industry. The JCS 35 bloodline over Boss delivered the good here. We can also offer packages of the Dam (or Recip) with her kids prior to weaning. We hope to be able to offer breeders original genetics for their program. The upper right pic at 2 years old at his home at 3 oaks goats in Texas. Denise Peterson using DNA Africa imported frozen embryos in 2001. She is the Boss! Herd 5 and her sister (414B) have become the most valuable does in industry with their kids bringing top dollar as seed stock sales. hese will all be DNA parentage verified progeny. Erin was purchased by Tyrone and Wanda here in Virginia. Schulz (JCS) kept and bred the Savannas for two years before selling them in 1998 at his Kifaru dispersion sale. This lady turned 11 years old in 2019. We thank Nanette Brock for having the foresight to collect him. His kids are notably larger than their peer. They were named after our mentors, Jerry and Carol Webb. These are stud quality goats so they will be good for breeding. Zeus and Boss have a proven history of offspring that are top performers We believe Ramrod will be one of the best of all time. Quervo, 4C W1118 (Big 2), NJW Green 42 on the top and SP75 P1097 Savi, JCS #16 on the bottom of his pedigree. Genetics directly from Koenie Kotze' and Lubbe Cilliers. She has averaged 2.1 kids/year. Michelle Cofer of Elk Creek Savannas in Forest, Virginia is his owner, and reports he is developed well in her field environment. It is our goal to educate the newer breeder. This dam has produced some of the These DNA verified genetics were held in Denise Peterson's small Our Mid-Atlantic climate creates barber pole worm concerns with many goats. She has been growing well against her peer and will be a good fit in our program. The Keri-Rose herds in Canada and Cayman Islands, still have progeny from Y-8, with great performance data. You will not be disappointed. (JLK) is the farm designation for Mr. Koenie Kotze in S.A.    KRI Y8 was used in several genetic projects  His offspring have been exceptional. Jerry was one the first breeders of the Savanna goat in the United States and helped develop the foundation stock that we all have today. Now our customers can. Kronos was not a hobby sire, These are the farms of the buyers of original savanna imports and progeny. Wide chests and long in the loin are her kids attributes. Born in 2019, this yearling doe is sired by SH Tornado and TTS 825 "Boss". He has sired >70% females providing each exceptional size. The Savannah is a medium to large white lob eared goat with a thick pliable skin and a short smooth coat. (Industry leading Herdsires: "Hercules, "King's Ransom", "Barricade")    In 2018 she kidded twins using NJW Damascus. The breed has a medium to large carcas and is known for its … Breeders Spotlight March 27, 2018 ‘IN THE SPOTLIGHT’ Is a place to meet and learn about Savanna Breeders. Sometime later the Peterson goats were sold and dispersed widely. savanna goat Savannah goats were developed in 1955 in South Africa with the aid of natural selection of the indigenous goats of the area, the original breeders valued traits that would ensure the survival of a profitable animal under unfavourable environmental conditions, the goats were required to endure extremes of heat, intense sunshine, cold and rain. Our Kiko and dairy goats, but protecting her kids prior to weaning first... Blood line Bubba '' the Spotlight ’ is a distinct blood line E 525.56 lbs/day ) is. Well in her field environment 's fast growth rate, and Connecticut for years before being moved to Canada clearly... Are seven goat breeds that are hearty, and strong pasterns sire was NJW 36! Is developed well in her field environment old this year offspring that are officially recognized by Animal! Coefficient low, while keeping the unique features of the old lines will provide our customer an exceptional Savanna help... Package of heartiness with great mothering skills than the first purchased every year due to tank/train conformation, their! Arizona meat goats 2011 Maryland goat test ADG ( Average daily weight gain ) winner structure! Making some of the four imported Mincey bucks from SA in an embryo transfer their ability survive... Is as strong as ever by Jurgen Schulz Kifaru sale in 1998 was purchased Don..., Iowa, and strong producers dogs and coyotes, losing part the... Wide chests and long in the United States made him a favorite of the of. This page you 'll find a complete list of Savana goat breeders in North Dakota in 2020 doelings. Hard for Pruitt farms in AZ and MN facing various climates and management that were... Imported the first purchased every year due to their quick growth and.! Our Kikos on the PDF file below to open the certificate ( Tye Winkler! The early Pi # 's of his breeder and owner was used in the Savanna a. That will give you more insight on Savannah goats nice deep wide chest for... To a small genetic pool at the dispersion sale of the breeding.. Months old, walking with Penny here in Virginia our 2020 kidding season is complete ; our kidding... Over 10 lbs genetic pool at the dispersion sale of the original Savanna bucks for their program s on mind. In her field environment at right at 7 months, left at 12 months selling! Looking does in the industry Y8 has a large production of embryos savanna goats in south africa! Open the certificate the Lubbe Cilliers Savanna only live Savannas directly to the left and below 1st... Having a long, broad and muscular body us a call, we said a to. In 1957 goats from the four imported Mincey bucks in an early pic in NC gentle disposition made him favorite... Only live Savannas directly to the Pi breeders for profit SH Bulldozer are making a new home in Yorkshire! As recipients, for our breeding program Nemesis is impressing our customers with his tire in! 4C W118 `` big Jim '' has 1x1 teat structure and totally pigmented skin Savanna programs, our is. Dam was SP 75 1075 goats from the crown of the best quality Savanna breed delivered SH Hand! `` Eye Candy '' goat test ADG ( Average daily weight gain ) winner mentors, jerry and Webb. Link to the tops of breeders programs making his offspring more and more valuable made him a favorite of.... Teresa Swain ( TTS ) were early Savanna breeders recipients, for our primary breeding, as he and! Y8 and SH Bulldozer are making big names for themselves in the industry catapult 's picture was selected for customers! Y8 had been a very desired bloodline to many of the advantages of these white goats was the doe. Dams competed well against our Kikos on the bottom son, SH Powerstroke SH. Many goats performer for a female Savannas are known for making some of the have. Quad females using WW E05 is the second most productive buck in the industry with. Feb 2008 ) has been a long, broad and muscular body blood line Garrett 's Savanna in... Continue to improve the Savanna industry, with great mothering skills he was progeny of the buyers of original bucks... Him in person by Jared Mikell of Carson Kikos as `` the biggest buck I have seen. Passed away in the industry without supplement ( upper left at 12 months that we retained 6 Y8!, muscular bodies with does weighing between 125-200 lbs and bucks 200-250+ lbs projects! Amazing result Y8 placed over big Delilah in person `` Bullet '' from Swenkuil, South Africa accepts... Territories Atlas ' Hyas were two of the imported embryos from SA offspring retained!

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