Level 10 is recommended for the survivability and as a prerequisite to Devotion. Keep in mind that these mobs have a very high ASPD. It should also sell Silver arrows . As a Swordsman, you will have access to two noteworthy offensive skills: Magnum Break and Bash. It is an essential damaging skill for any RG builds. Your main goal is to survive the battle until your damage dealer manages to kill the monster. A high-damage attack that is applied on a large, cross-shaped AoE in front of the caster. CRIT +3; STR +2 (Pendant) or ATK +5 (Belt). Objet(s) nécessaire(s) : 500k zenys, 1 Violin[3] (achat au Weapon Dealer de Comodo), 1 Fried Monkey Tails; Quête pré-requise : Aucune; Débloque une autre quête : - 1. Gramps is a party-oriented circumstance, which means it is important for you to understand your position in a party. If base VIT is 80 or higher, grants +50% Resistance against Stone and Sleep. This item is solely defined by what you decide to slot into it. Extremely useful to increase your tankiness. If worn with White Knight Card, additional Resistance to Medium and Large monsters +5%. It's best to get a specialised one (e.g. Requires 2 RGs in Banding or Inspiration. Similar to Garments, the RG's footgear choices also vary greatly in function. Download Video MP4. ASPD +1. Helps to allow some breathing space when tanking multiple or rapid-hitting mobs. A well-rounded and easily obtained accessory. The center fountain has become a free market, as ordered by the King, with vendors and all different types of shoppers buying and selling items. Increase effectiveness of healing and healing items by +10%. Resistance to Large monsters +5%. Your best bet is to try to kill them with Banishing Point quickly before they get to cast the skill. When cast on a party member, the RG will absorb any damage inflicted on the party member for a duration. ATK +10. It is the weapon dealer in prontera. This can be obtained by exchanging Coagulated Spell or Contaminated Magic from Old Glast Heim with the NPC Portrait Collector at the Instance entrance area. Make sure you have 40~50 DEX at this point, with decent STR and some points in VIT and AGI. Requires Force of Vanguard to be Active. If you decide to cast skills such as Overbrand, Moon Slasher, or Burst Attack to deal additional damage, make sure to auto-attack during the skill delay to make sure you don't lose Aggro. An alternative to Abysmal Knight Helm with its own upsides and downsides. If refined to +9, additional +5% Resistance to Large monsters. A situational choice that is especially useful in Horror Toy Factory. This is the only slotted mid headgear that do not require using Spiritual Auger, making it relatively cheap in the market. Inside the building at 177, 221 in Prontera Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Therefore it is recommended to deactivate Reflect Shield when using this armor. Prontera is the capital of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. This is an essential skill for all RGs as it substantially increases survivability with the boost of Healing items. The One-Horn Scarabas also drops Imperial Spears, which are one of the best weapons to use as an RG. Best footgear card for survivability if the refine requirement is met. Leave adding LUK to after you're level 145. They even have supportive capabilities which are unique to their class. Gramps is a special, party oriented dungeon and quest in which you are required to kill 400 of two types of monsters in a special map. A more catch-all option for resisting status ailments, especially useful in Horror Toy Factory. It is only selling normal arrows now. Adds Mastery ATK when wielding One-handed and Two-Handed Spear type Weapons. Keeping enemy's Aggro) and surviving continuous damage; dealing damage is optional. The best offensive card in the garment slot, granting a total of 76 ATK and 12% ASPD at 120 base STR. When receiving magical damage, low chance of autocasting Maelstrom Lv1. Royal Guards (commonly abbreviated as RG) are the 3rd job classes of Crusaders. You will have an elemental advantage against these monsters, since they are Undead element, which means they take more damage from Magnum Break's Fire Property attack, making it an easy place to level. With this build you can ignore offensive skills while opting to get higher levels of defensive and supportive skills such as Auto Guard Lv10, Reflect Shield Lv10, Piety, and even Gospel. The additional Demi-Human resistance also makes it suitable for Biolabs and Wolfchev's Laboratory. we are already in the third dungeon which was included in the updated patch note... check the overview of those Guild Dungeons as well as the ... - Download Payon Guild Dungeon Mp3 Mp4 . Has a total of 365 ATK at +15, not counting refine bonuses, and has 2 slots which allow for even more damage if slotted with the right cards. Prontera is the heart of most of the Ragnarok Online communities, as well. A very simple and easy to farm (and cheap in the market) shield with the highest DEF available, useful for Shield Spell Lv1. Prontera est célèbre pour sa guilde des Knight, située au Nord-Ouest de la ville, sa guilde des Acolyte et des Priest, dans l'église au Nord Est, sa guilde des Crusader, située dans le château royal, et sa guilde des Monk, dans le Monk Temple, situé une map au Nord et trois à l'Est de la ville. If base level is 70 or higher, ATK +5 every 10 base levels. The main downside is that it lacks a slot. Another alternative with a slightly lower amount of HP/SP bonuses. It is home to the Acolyte, Priest, Knight, and Crusaderguilds. You can also sell Gray Shards to other players for decent amounts of Zeny. STR +2. Always keep an eye on your HP bar. La quête commence à Prontera. Resistance to Boss Monsters +40%, Receive 40% more damage from regular monsters. MaxHP/SP +4%. Level 3 is sufficient. Holy element ones are the best choice, while Neutral and Fire are acceptable options. The bonus on healing items makes you gain more HP from potions, but you lose out on the middle headgear slot and card slot(s). The ideal special enchantment should be Bear's Might, but Hawk Eye and Lucky Day are also acceptable. If refined to +9, recovery amount is doubled. Doing 2 runs is enough to get you one Weapon or Armor. Make sure you have a shield so you can cast your defensive self buffs (mainly Auto Guard) to help you survive luring and tanking. If you have been collecting and selling your loot, you should have enough money to buy a Lance from the Prontera Weapon Dealer, which can double your Holy Cross damage due to its weapon type. Don't hesitate to spam your healing items or use a Yggdrasil Berry/Seed when it's needed, especially when you've been hit by a burst damage such as Sonic Blow or Earthquake. Very useful for spamming Banishing Point or increasing ASPD in general. Up to +25 ATK when loyal. Enchantable at. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … However, the pets listed below have bonuses that can give notable benefit to an RG. The best weapon for Banishing Point and Cannon Spear, especially when overupgraded. Level 10 is recommended for tanking, but level 5 is sufficient otherwise. A very simple defensive armor that drops very commonly in the instance. Optional Skill, pre-requisite for Inspiration. Once you master these strategies, you may find yourself as a never-dying tank, which your party would be glad to have. You may also choose to do Gramps, Solo (if you're capable) or with a party. Enchantable at. Therefore it is recommended to use One-handed or Two-handed Spears. The Damage-Oriented Tank is sort of a sub-build of the Tank RG. This guide will cover mainly the PvM aspect of the game. A great defensive choice even at +0 refines. Doing the Shop Helper Quest is also useful to get Novice Fly Wings to use as you go along. Delay After Skill 2 and 3, totaling at -10% Cast Delay for Overbrand. Optional skill. Highly optional skill. An instant, single-target attack which deals a large amount of damage depending on how many Rage Counters have been collected. The Cotton Shirt and Novice Spear is adequate for getting you up to Second Job, but it is also a good idea to get Eden Group Equipments. Comes randomly pre-enchanted with various stats, with up to a total of +18 stats. ID 85: Name: 4_M_03 Map & Position: prontera (247, 129) Kafra Employee Edit. You can continue hunting Evil Druids and Wraiths(which should be a piece of cake) while using the Board Quests for more EXP, or you can earn some Zeny by farming for Crimson Weapons. This skill must be used strategically for the best effect, due to its long cooldown. ATK +(Refine^2) up to refine level 15. If you have any questions about Royal Guards, feel free to contact me via the NovaRO Discord at tinyurl.com/Discordnova. Direction l'église de Prontera. Hybrid Tank RGs play a semi-supportive role by keeping Party member alive through tanking enemy hits. An overall solid choice in the mid-game when worn with the Set, and easily obtained from the instance. For Swordsman classes, grants a +1 Flat ASPD Bonus. As a Swordsman-based class, the RG is able to wield a wide variety of weapon types, including Swords, Spears, Daggers, Maces, and Axes. If worn with Bison Horn, ASPD +10% and Reflects 5% damage back to the enemy. Allows a faster HP regen while standing still and increases the effectiveness of HP recovery items. It is home to Acolyte, Priest, Knight, and Crusader guilds. The headgear choices of an RG revolves around adding damage reductions or boosting attack power. Notable enchantments include: This accessory is mainly used for maximising ASPD with Banishing Point. This garment shines mainly through its enchantments. It is important to try getting a high-DEF, high-refine shield to maximise the effect of Shield Spell Lv1 and Lv3. Many people live actively in this city. Prontera pour 1200 zenys; Payon pour 1200 zenys ; Alberta pour 1800 zenys; Comodo pour 1800 zenys; Comodo Pharos Lighthouse pour 1200 zenys ; Vous trouverez l'Eden Teleport Officer aux Morroc Ruins, à l'entrée de la Pyramide, ainsi que dans la guilde des Thiefs. Daftar Item: Town Sword [1]: 42.000 z, Cinquedea [1]: 40.000 z If you are playing with a party, however, the strategy remain the same. Dark Pinguiculas have a chance to drop Rosa Shields, which is one of the best shields you can use, and Dark Pinguicula Card is also extremely valuable. If slotted to a +4 or below footgear, additional MaxHP/SP +4%; HP Recovery +5%. Enables use of Spell Breaker Lv5. The RG's Garment choices vary greatly in function, therefore it is important to make your choice based on what role you will take in your party. Cannot be refined. Ranged Damage +5%, ATK +3% (Blut Hase) or ASPD +3% (Odoric). Use your self buffs and run ahead, luring as many monsters as you can, and pull them towards your party to be killed. Register at the Eden Group and take the Spore Hunting quest. Resistance to Neutral +50%; Receive 50% more damage from all other elemental attacks. The Novice Stage is quick and easy to go through. A Holy-element AoE which damages based on the caster's ATK and MATK; similar to Grand Cross. Stats wise, you should aim to get 120 STR at around level 130~145 so you can utilise the bonuses from Temporal STR Boots. Try to get Fire Elemental Converters which are crafted by Sages to gain elemental advantage over these mobs, and make sure to activate Shield Spell Lv1 to maximise your damage. Weapon Dealer di Dalam Prontera pada Kota Prontera 175,220. Make sure to keep the Rotten Meat which is dropped by Roweens, as they can be turned in for EXP at the 100-110 board. Alternatively, you can try doing Gramps by joining a 85+ party. After you've finished Instructor Ur's quest, there are several areas you can choose to go to. Inside the building at 177, 221 in Prontera Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. The following is a list of important skills that an RG should be familiar with. Additionally, you may need to start finding better gear than your current Eden Group equipments, as you're closing in on the Endgame. It also increases the damage of Overbrand by 50% ATK per Skill level. Shop: Pedagang Perlengkapan Pernikahan, Penjual Armor, Penjual Peralatan, Penjual Senjata, Penjual Senjata, Weapon Dealer This can be obtained by exchanging Coagulated Spell or Contaminated Magic from Old Glast Heim with the NPC Portrait Collector at the Instance entrance area. A very solid choice for the mid-game and a decent choice for endgame tanking, and very easily obtainable from the instance. These monsters are Wind 1 element, which means they don't receive more damage from either Magnum Break and Holy Cross. With this in mind, the playing strategy is relatively simple. Prontera is known as the Imperial Capital of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. If slotted into a +9 or above footgear, MaxHP/SP +10%. When you start out as an RG, your first priority is to get Overbrand Lv5. Each refine reduces the MaxHP/SP bonus while increasing DEF. The main drawback of this card is that it will not save you from being one-shot by certain MVP skills like Earthquake, while a Resistance card might be able to. This hat is essential for tanking MvPs, but should be switched out when facing regular monsters. An easier alternative to Firelock Soldier, without the SP bonus. If worn with Buffalo Horn, additional ASPD +1. For this section, I will assume that the average new player would start out alone, only joining parties and guilds a while after starting out. I don't recommend using this in solo situations unless you have another way to leech SP to make up for not using Rideword Hat. Level 10 is recommended. If you've saved a few 91-99 Board quests, you can start turning them in one by one as soon as you job change into a High Swordsman. These two skills will make leveling as a Swordsman relatively easy, compared to other classes. The RG has access to the strongest shields in the game. Increases MaxHP by 15% at Level 5 while allowing the RG to gain Rage Counters that can be expended with Burst Attack. 90 DEF, 250 Weight. Kota yang dibangun di atas Oasis ini menjadi tujuan singgah bagi petualang. Another situational choice that is useful in Nightmarish Jitterbug. I've been playing Ragnarok Online on-and-off since Episode 4, Comodo; and have been playing in Renewal servers for about 4+ years. Enchants party members' armour in a 3x3 area of the target with Holy property. If you still have any leftover 91-99 quest at this point, you can turn them in, and choose the Doubled Job EXP reward, so you're able to get the skills faster. Level 5 is recommended. FLEE +10; Increase healing amount of Condensed Potions by 200%. Resistance to Medium and Large Monsters +15%, Resistance to Undead monsters +10%. It is recommended to avoid Heater, Shinobi, and Evil Nymph, due to the difficulty reaching the place and the risk of encountering MVPs while you hunt. This grants 60 ATK at 120 base STR. This card is mainly for glass cannon builds, therefore it is advisable not to use this when you are also required to tank. This build is the most basic kind to be used in the PvM setting. Spoiler Screenie It shows up for me though ._. Autocast chance is increased with higher refines. Optional Skill, mainly used for offense. Resistance to Small, Medium, and Large monsters +15%. Requires a Shield to be cast. However, it autocasts Storm Gust when you attack physically, which gives you a significant Cast Delay. Grants +5% Resistance against Neutral property attacks. Spoiler Screenie. 26 DEF; AGI +1, ASPD +10%. As a mini-boss card, this is extremely rare and expensive. Meanwhile, support skills such as Devotion and King's Grace allow them to keep their party members alive. You should see a bunch of NPCs outside of the Tool Dealer Shop, there's a Firearms Dealer (I think) that you can buy Rebellion weapons from. Level 5 is recommended. Two very important Instances to start doing when you're level 145+ is Old Glast Heim and Faceworm's Nest. We tell you where exact is Weapon Dealer! 90 ATK, 90 Weight, Weapon Level 3. Non-essential, but useful when fighting MVPs. The Best-in-Slot for PvM RGs with both offensive and defensive advantages. 0 DEF; Resistance to Neutral element attacks +20%. A Hybrid Tank Royal Guard mostly takes the role of a Tank by utilising their defensive self-buffs to survive enemy attacks. Play. Prontera Chivalry พิกัด 49,342 กองกำลังป้องกันแห่ง Prontera อยู่ตะวันตกเฉียงเหนือ จุดเปลี่ยนอาชีพ Knight ... (เกราะป้องกัน), Weapon Dealer(ขายอาวุธ) สามารถซื้อ-ขายได้. Practice using King's Grace at the right moment to stay alive, and wreak havoc with Overbrand whenever possible. Blut Hase is arguably better than Odoric due to how significant ATK +3% can be, compared to the minuscule effect of ASPD +3%. Pets are often an overlooked aspect of the game, mostly due to the fact that they're a hassle to take care of, and seemingly only serve aesthetic purposes. As soon as you get Overbrand Lv5, you will have many options in terms of mobs to hunt. Payon is connected to the Greenwood Lake guild map, which is used during War of Emperium. It's a good idea to stock on Fresh Fish (purchasable from the Comodo Chef Assistant) if you run out of Novice/Intermediate Potions from your Beginner box. Do not take a supportive role at this stage. Removes all currently active status effects and Increases HP, SP, HIT, ATK, and stats for a certain duration, while allowing Hesperus Lit and Genesis Ray to be casted. As a pre-trans class, you may choose to Jobchange at Job level 40 without any disadvantage. With 4 Essences of Evil VIT3, it can grant +16 VIT, which is useful for increasing your survivability. Can be enchanted with materials from Old Glast Heim. Another card that grants immunity to Shadow element attacks. They also have a natural advantage in movement speed due to having access to a mount. Plain and simple, increases your survivability. Balance the other stats with at least 70 DEX, Moderately High AGI and VIT with some INT. Should be maxed by default as it is a pre-requisite for Prestige. Another offensive choice in the footgear slot. Keep in mind that this card does not give full immunity to Stone and Sleep unless you have it in both your upper and mid headgear slots. An arguably essential headgear for offensive builds, as RG's offensive skills are very SP costly. Two choices of 4-slotted weapons among many others. Take this opportunity to practice landing your Overbrand on the ground accurately. (Many of those who wish to become Knights, Crusaders, and Priests gather here with their dreams.) Go to Payon Dungeon(or Ant Hell if you're level 33 already) and do what the quests tell you. Nagas have a chance to drop Crimson Spears, which will be useful to you if you manage to get a high refine for it. Feel free to fine-tune according to your gear selection and play-style. The only notable defensive card choice for the weapon slot. Reflects a percentage of incoming damage in a 3x3 AoE around the RG. An improved alternative to the regular Archer Skeleton Card. Map outside of Prontera Culvert (prt_fild05) - free, https://wiki.originsro.org/w/index.php?title=Prontera&oldid=10325, Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike, 2 - City Hall (76,92), (85,90), and (74,101), 3 - Inn (Nenkaras), west branch (107,217); east branch (204,190), 5 - Library, west branch (120,265); east branch (192,265), Bulletin Board - Prontera: Capital of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom (148,49) - Gives background information on Prontera, Prontera Bulletin (156,197) - Flavor Text, Sign Post (158,213) - gives general directions (or Flavor Text), Blacksmith Guide - Blacksmith Guide for Dummies (Library), Crusader - Max Von Shedough (Prontera Castle), Curator of Library - Curator Guiss (Library), Ginedin Rephere - Tailor Ginedin Rephere (City Hall), Library Girl - Library Girl Ellen (Library), Monster Encyclopedia - Dungeon Monster Encyclopedia (x4) (Library), Vending Guide - Vending Guide for Dummies (Library). At this point, you can start using the gameplay strategy listed above with a Party. Raise some DEX and STR and don't bother with the rest of the stats for now. When you reach Base Level 51, you may choose to get Instructor Boya's next quest, which is also located in Orc Dungeon. Take note of your healer's Safety Wall if they cast one. An excellent weapon, but requires high refines to truly shine. MaxHP +3%, autocasts Heal Lv1 when being physically attacked. Alternatively, you can join a 85+ Gramps party. It will allow you to revive yourself with full HP and SP in case you and your party gets wiped. Many people live actively in this city. Hm. The Airship Set of Armor, Cloak, and Boots are excellent upgrades to your Eden Group Armor, and can last you well into the endgame in terms of tanking. An optional platinum skill that allows the RG to push an enemy back when Auto Guard procs. We also tell you NPC locations, vender locations, vender item/price list and warps that goes in and out of the map. The Hunting quests listed under Bifrost Forest and Bifrost Tower are arguably the easiest, and can be Soloed with minimum difficulty. 5. Be careful of their Water Ball, though. Obtainable from the Random Pet Egg item in the, STR +2, ATK +5 when loyal. Additionally, you can also do the Cautious Village quest, which is a very simple quest which can earn you a huge amount of EXP with virtually no effort. Their main skills revolve around the self-buffs and supportive skills, but offensive skills will also be an essential part of this build. Casts specific abilities based on the shield's DEF, MDEF, or Refine Level. Parrying 2 and 3, totaling at +9 Perfect Dodge for tanking. In the 85-114 range, Overbrand Lv5 can easily flatten entire crowds of monsters in one hit, even when you're only using a Lance or Eden Group Spear. The city received massive graphical redesign in Episode 16. In a case where your party is getting wiped out (such as by an Earthquake or Hell's Judgement) with your healer and damage dealers dead, use King's Grace immediately. Another choice of Crimson weapon, also requiring high refines to truly shine. It is home to the Acolyte, Priest, Knight, and Crusader guilds. The skill build of a Damage-Oriented Tank build is not much different from a Hybrid Tank Build. This build sacrifices all damage potential while maximising survivability. As a Royal Guard, it is important to start using a shield and start familiarising yourself with the role of a Tank.

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