I know I’ve said I’m a “lazy but smart” guy but that doesn’t mean I can put out sh*tty quality material, right? My family’s favorite continues to be B-Leaf at Rattanapitiya junction. Sort By. Hi Sue, thanks for your note. Great work! Well folks, answer the doorbell, say hello to the guy holding a package, and sign your name right here because that promise has just been delivered to you! ... I’ve been in Sri Lanka for a month and a half now and I can’t tell you how useful this thing is. Union Global Logistic An exporter of fresh Fruits, Vegetables and an International Freight Forwarding Company in Sri Lanka. Also amazing food, but they have lunch parcels. ), Hi Dilshan, We’ve been in Sri Lanka for nearly a week now and have had loads of delicious veggie curries. Have you ever tried eggplant parmigiana? I simply make sure that a) what I’m writing can be useful to someone learning Sinhala; and b) I’m having fun writing it. Thanks for that… it’ll need a little while to learn all that words. :). I just knew that something had to be done about “Lazy But Fat Dilshan”. I visited Sri Lanka last week. I’ve been in Sri Lanka for a month and a half now and I can’t tell you how useful this thing is. Produce Professionals Source Quality Fruits & Vegetables; Our Sales Team Provides Options, Solutions, & Competitive Pricing Life’s too short for that, right? You can find them in the Sinhala Blog Post Archive. Speaking of apologies, please convey mine to your husband too for taking you away from his quality time with you :), Its very helpful. How Do You Say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Sinhala? Mahasen Holdings is the best, premium, organic vegetables, and fruits online delivery company in Sri Lanka. Find Sri Lankan Export Products and Services, You can find information about cookies and their deactivation in our, Printing, Prepress and Packaging Products, Trade Facilitation and Trade Information Division. How did the celery dish come out? But luckily, I happened to mention to my father (who from now on shall be referred to as “Awesome Father”), that I’ll be needing his help with the names of vegetables in Sinhala.That very same day Awesome Father brought me the following two sheets that he had written up. This infrastructure combined with stringent quality control methods gives Eastern & Allied Agencies a well-deserved reputation for providing a high quality service. :), Hi Dilshan! The aromatic vegetables – onions, garlic and ginger – are sautéed first, along with sliced jalapeño, herbs and spices. As a country blessed with a tropical climate and a geography that suits a range of vegetation and agriculture products, Sri Lanka has been supplying the world with a range of tropical fruits, nuts, and vegetables. So glad you wrote this! great assistance Mr.Dilshan and wish future initiatives to be more sucessful! Send inquiries and quotations to high volume B2B Sri Lankan Vegetables buyers and connect with purchasing managers. In recognition of quality assurance in its manufacturing process, the ISO 22000:2005 standards certification for Plantation Management, Harvesting, Processing, Packaging and sale of Cinnamon was awarded to the company in the year 2008. Great job educating as well (even if it’s from your dad?). He’s my favorite nominee for “Thaaththa of the Year”. Hi Ayesha, always happy to get a compliment from an “apey ekkenek”. My Sinhalese is appalling. I think I just got MARRIED!”: The Wedding Pics Of Mr. Lazy & Mrs. Smart, 39 Fruits in Sinhala… And I Bet You’ve NEVER Even Heard Of Some Of Them, Eating & Drinking In Sinhala – Part 1: Food, Drinks, & Other General Words, I love you in Sinhala & 7 more romantic lines to annoy your boyfriend, Ma∙mȧ vs Ma∙tȧ – Part 3: With Action Verbs That Use “To”, Lazy But Smart Summary: Ma∙mȧ vs Ma∙tȧ – Part 1 & 2, Numbers in Sinhala – Part 2: Giving Your Phone Number. And I’m here to say honestly that it was your website which was the only guide at once. Will look into it. Yes folks, I have gained some weight. I’m no botanist obviously; I learned this from Wikipedia: Below, you’ll notice some familiar vegetables and perhaps some completely unknown ones too. Another place I love is the two places in Thimbirigasaya. Happy birth day to you and Thank you for your useful lesson. Who am I to mess up your mom’s recipe, right? Add to Cart. Just need to find good parmigiana cheese here in Colombo. Sri Lanka Vegetables Directory provides list of Made in Sri Lanka Vegetables Products supplied by reliable Sri Lanka Vegetables Manufacturers, Traders and Companies. keep up with your good work. Thanks Anura, always nice to see the hard work and planning being recognized by my readers. I love it! dehydrated vegetables product offers SRI LANKA from exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors globally by price, quantity, order, delivery and shipping terms, country - Page 1 Big Thank to you. Since I can’t read/speak Sinhalese I had to give directions instead of the name. Melanzane alla parmigiana!!! A. Isn’t beet root usually called Rathu A-la? Great to hear from you again. I really don’t. Talk to you soon. Our experience and expertise over the decades has been possible through our team efforts and our a culture that embrace of confronting challenges proactively and professionally. Have you tried googling it already or did you decide to first ask it directly from great master himself? Hi Dilshan! By the way, where do you have lunch where you need to point at food? I would love to have your mom’s recipe, thank you! Sri Lanka produces more than 900,000 metric tons of fruit and vegetables annually and exports both fresh and processed varieties to many destinations in the world. See here for the fruits post. I will be happy to answer them (which in reality means that I’ll be asking “Awesome Father” and replying to you as if it was my answer). The other is a Muslim store, near the traffic lights of Thimbiriygasaya and Havelock road. This along with modern packaging methods which are varied by customer specifications ensures that even non-standard customer requests arrive in peak condition in a timely manner. I am constantly looking for good rice and curry joints and I’m a bit of a foodie. During my holidays in Sri Lanka last year I tasted some of the “exotic” fruits and vegatables. You’re very welcome, Haputhanthri. Your Lazy But Smart Guide To The Sinhalese & Tamil New Year, “Ammata Siri! You’re most welcome. Copyright © 2016 Jay Online (Private) Limited Terms Of Service & Refund Policy, Learn to speak "good enough" Sinhala with the minimum needed effort, Learn Sinhala | Lazy But Smart Sinhala Blog, I gave you a choice between 2 blog post topics. Happy to help, thanks for the comment Mazhar. Union Global Logistics, was founded on the concept of offering our clients with the most accurate information about the market prices, quality and availability of … This was help me to find out some differnt vegis with the proper Pronunciation and the proper list for some of my works. A man sells vegetables at a traditional market in Weligama, Sri Lanka. Hereby I offer my gratefulness to you. Interesting AND yummy (I looooooove veggies). Integrated crop management outlook remain our priorities. Happy belated birthday again, Take care, Laura. Global Trading Company was founded in April 2006 by Mr. Mohamed Rifaz who, at the time, had over a decade of experience in parallel industries. Huge place with plenty of parking. We sell a wide range of fresh Sri Lankan fruits & vegetables, spices, groceries, sweets & snacks and much more. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you ads based on your interests. Ceylon Supermart: Europe's favourite online Superstore for Sri Lankan food items. Thanks for the kind words “articulate” and “amusing”. Ltd. brings forth a diverse range of products, which comprises of Spices, Betel Nuts, Rice, Black Tea Leaves, and Pine Wood Timber. Sri Lanka Organic Vegetable Buyers Directory provides list of Sri Lanka Organic Vegetable importers, buyers and purchasers who wanted to import organic vegetable in Sri Lanka. Produced by autonomous clusters of farmers, around eighty different varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown in Sri Lanka's varied agro-climatic areas. Your write up is very amusing too and you keep your readers engaged and entertained. I’ve asked around and got the answer ‘ræmpiyȧn’ but I wouldn’t be too sure (my friend who told me this is not the *most* reliable). As an idea for a next blog post, how about doctor stuff? I’ve started doing 60 minutes of cardio each day. I can assure you: your “no compromise on the food” policy can include vegetables. Our superior quality Sri Lankan dehydrated Vegetables, Fruits & Medicinal Herbs, with a shelf life of over 1 year, are considered as the Best processed in Sri Lanka, and were highly commended at the largest International Exhibition 'PRO - FOOD' held at the Bandaranaiake Memorial Hall (BMICH) in Colombo. Can you please make more podcasts in the future ? Your work is awesome! So that’s 3 people that I know for sure who will find it useful. Hard work deserve bit of ego I guess.. “Hard work deserves bit of ego”… Thanks, I’m going to show that line to my wife every time she accuses me of being obnoxious. Abstract. Thank you! Sri Lanka's Largest Online Shopping Store. Euro West Export Pvt. For those of you who know Sri Lankan cuisine, that makes up like 90% of it! This is very useful man…thanks to share these information, as a vegetable supplier this is very helpful to us. Having seen humble beginnings in 1985, Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd., is one of the largest exporter of Cinnamon in Sri Lanka and is considered to be one of the major foreign exchange earners to the country. “Parmesan of the poor”, that’s amusing. Hi Rodney, I’ve mentioned it in Section 8 of this post. I don’t know if they’re still good. Hi Wendy, I didn’t know you worked with children in Sri Lanka. To seem to make learn Sinhala so much simpler…. The primary form of agriculture in Sri Lanka is rice production. Our motto “Quality Has No Fear of Time” summarises our culture. Daily Price Report describes the day’s price developments of selected key consumer items in key markets that have significant impact in determination of the general price levels of the respective consumer items. Dole Lanka (Pvt.) So, what did you think? Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables Due to the country’s diverse climatic regions, Sri Lanka produces a wide variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. All the best and talk to you again soon. Come experience it yourself … You’re very welcome. fruit export company in Sri Lanka. fresh fruits importers in Sri Lanka like Pomegranate, Grapes, Mangoes, Coconut, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Chilies, Lemons and Green and organic fresh vegetables importers in Sri Lanka. (Sorry, this morning my ego is way bigger than usual). Coming from Rajagiriya on your right. Glad that you’re also improving your Sinhala while working with them. Listen, I know that you don’t give a rat’s backside about my recent fatty-boom-boom issues. :). Exporter and manufacture of Cinnamon quills,Cut cinnamon,Cinnamon quillings,Cinnamon powder,Cinnamon leaf oil,Cinnamon bark oil,Citronella oil,Black pepper,cloves,Garcinia Rings and other local produce. GTM is registered under the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) and has, also, been a member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and the Coconut Development Authority (CDA) since its inception. You’re here just to learn Sinhala, I get it. Over and over again. Many students will benefit from this. Chilli No1 - 250g . That’s why I turned to the master…. Does that answer your question? Thanks to your list, my first trip to the market was very successful. The information on this website was sourced from published online sources and was created solely to function as a community service at this time. Hi Susann, well, tender jack fruit is eaten cooked (usually in a delicious curry medium) while ripe jackfruit which is sweet is eaten like a fruit. I’m very happy about that. Page. It’s not really a matter of parmesan cheese rather than mozzarella. Ok, that’s it with the Martha Stewart ramblings :). And as much as my massive ego tells me “Don’t worry Hot Stuff, you’ve still got the goods”, I’ve started to think that maybe I should nip it in the bud already. Google searched the Sinhala word for Amaranth leaves and came across ur blog. Happy that you liked the veggies post. :). Next, the sweet potatoes, … Hi Ramu, thank you for your kind wishes, I appreciate it. [citation needed] Rice is cultivated during Maha and Yala seasons.Tea is cultivated in the central highlands and is a major source of foreign exchange. Organic Vegetable Importers in Sri Lanka. Apologies for that. Before you leave, in addition to the curry version, you should also try to find grilled/fried breadfruit, which is also a delicious preparation of this vegetable. But before we get into that, let’s do my usual “ramblings of a mad man”, shall we? The good news is you’re not studying Sinhala for any exam so therefore this ‘lazy but smart’ approach should be ok. A translated veggie recipe, and by that you don’t mean translated, right? Hi, I'm Dilshan and welcome to my blog! Amazing. I think the overused ‘cliché’ed thing to say right now is “Oh, I’m getting old” but truth be told, I feel very much the same, haha. I’ll reply your mail sometime during the weekend. Before I go again, I’ll take a look at this handy compendium and be the star of the show! As a corporate citizen that remains mindful of our responsibility towards society and the environment, we embark on ethical sourcing of fresh and safe products with a focus on sustainable agricultural initiatives. Once I sort this issue out (looking into a software right now), I will recommence the podcasts. LOL. Unlike the categorizing system I used in my Fruits in Sinhala post (i.e. The processing factory is certified with ISO, HACCP, HALAL, EU, USDA, JAS & organic certification to meet International Standards. Browse through list of vendors who provide home delivery of groceries, distributing produce, fruits & vegetables in Sri Lanka. Much appreciated. per page. Thanks for your comment, Chathurika. The products are offered by us at the market leading prices to the global clients. Navigation. Well done! Thanks again. Game Gedera i think; is somewhere between Kotte keells and Ethul Kotte. COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - DECEMBER 6, 2016: The vegetable shop of Fose agricultural market with wide range and excellent February 2020 Sri Lanka. Accept, Enable JavaScript in web browser to get full functionality. Best of all were these yummy Jackfruit-Curries. Online delivery service to your door-step. Page - 1 View as Grid List. Climatically cool conditions in the country's central hill country are ideal for temperate crops such... Sri Lanka is adjusting well to the stringent ISO 22000 series and to the health & safety regulations stipulated by the European Community. Ltd., an agricultural company, produces and provides fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks for the birthday wishes (both in this comment and the email you sent today). Well, of course you can! Are these names also used in spoken Sinhala? I’m very happy that I was able to help. This is not a little work. You’re very welcome, I’m happy that you find it useful. Set Descending Direction. Yes, Dubai was great and it was my first time too. Eastern & Allied Agencies Ltd. is a leading exporter of fresh produce, preserved food items and other hotel requirements. But enough about Fatty McFatson. Could you please email it to me when you find the time? You can choose the curries there too. Speak to you again soon. For example, tonight there was breadfruit curry – although we’ve no idea what it looks like growing, we know it’s tasty – which we worked out through being given the Sinhala and then going through your/Awesome Father’s list. I am too, am an avid lunch packet hunter. Hello Chandra, happy to hear from you again. Initially formed as a proprietorship company, a couple of years later, in January 2008, it became a Limited Liability Company. Sri Lanka produces more than 900,000 metric tons of fruit and vegetables annually and exports both fresh and processed varieties to many destinations in the world. United Kingdom: 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom (Phone/Fax: +44-207-078-4149) email: london.office@kapruka.com Order should be placed before 3.30 pm. Or maybe it’s the recent holiday I had in Dubai where, as we speak, the hotel management might be rethinking their buffet policy after they saw the devastation I single-handedly did. Give that a try too. Plus, for the way I’ve been killing myself on the treadmill this last week, I think can easily eat it without an ounce of guilt. I honestly don’t know. Glad that you’re not making this silly mistake. :). We are proudly the largest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka and our ISO 22000 and HACCP accreditations are a fitting testament of our commitment to superior quality. It’s on the left hand side of Kotte Road, going towards Mirihana before the Jubilee Post :aughs SM. Haha, yeah that might help with the weight loss. You are very articulate and amusing. p.s.if i have any suggestions for your blog post,i will definitely let u know…. Dilshan, wish you a very happy new year. The company is registered in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and it operates with a modern office, warehouse and factory, as well as a cold-room facility. Hi Dilshan, thanks for informed me about new blog post.This definitely would be useful during my study of Sinhala lang.At this moment i am more attach to grammar,but same time i am learning a new word.I will review it during my grammar practice.I must say that i am very thankful for audio pronunciation u did,because it is very important that we also know how to pronounce these word. The name of the entity was changed to “Global Trading & Marketing (Pvt) Limited” (GTM), thereafter. Let’s get to the veggies. And thanks for the birthday wishes. Let me rephrase that then: “No compromise” on food, except when vegetables are drenched in melted cheese. Thank you for letting me know. I think the sellers at Kandy Market already cringe when they see me coming because all I do is go “meka mokakda?” and then get a blank stare for all their efforts. Thank you for your great work! Hi Rodney, Dandelion is called Dandelion in Sinhalese also. The company has around 150 acres of agricultural farmland spread across three different locations in Sri Lanka. So leave them below (and remember to also click on “notify”). Cheers. Will let you know how it goes. “Hahahahaha, It’s funny because he’s fat” – Mr. Chow, from the movie ‘The Hangover’ (2009), I couldn’t think of a better time to write about vegetables in Sinhala since, ahem, I honestly think I should be eating only veggies these days…. I did try googling and got some images but couldn’t identify. The company has got into the manufacture and export of processed fruit products such as Dehydrated Fruits, Fruit pulp, Coconut water, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). Rice and curry is a staple in Sri Lanka and the plates are always so colourful with a variety of different vegetables served around a centrepiece and the master of all Sri Lankan cuisine – rice. We deliver to most of the Europe, right to your doorstep. Wow, based on the interest you’ve shown so far to learn this language I can imagine that your Sinhala must have improved 10 fold since you arrived? Vegetables in Sri Lanka. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. This turned out to be what I based this entire post on. However, I thought that you’d be amused to know that your favorite Sinhala blogger had to first undo the top button of his jeans when he sat down to write this post. Aagh.. Now you’ve got me craving it and I don’t (yet) have a clue where to find it in Colombo. I’m sure it’s available. Purpose: Up-country vegetable sector is sensitive in achieving food security as a prominent sub sector within the Sri Lankan agriculture.But a high post-harvest loss (PHLs) along traditional supply chains and competitiveness of alternative crops are a couple of great challenges on availability of these vegetables. (Ref. But to those who voted for “Vegetables”, I made a promise that I will do that one next and that their vote didn’t go waste. The Company's divisions comprises all aspects of the supply chain, from modern farms and produce processing facilities to a dependable supply and distribution network extending quality service to customers near and far. What a sweet guy, eh? It’s happy to see you are putting theses stuff together.. I wish you and your relatives in Sri Lanka merry Christmas and a very happy new year. What is the name for Coriander leaves? You are most welcome. It’s most probably due to all the AMAZING Sri Lankan food that I’ve been stuffing my face with since I arrived here 2 months ago. I forgot to mention fountain cafe on Baseline Road near Thalakotuwa Gardens. Your input has been invaluable in helping us to identify what we’re eating. Thanks! Eligible addresses will see the option "Same-day Delivery" during checkout. The main export varieties of produce are grown in these farms, and they supplement our overall supply chain. I shall also pass on your compliments to Awesome Father, although considering that he often visits my blog (that’s how awesome he is) I’m sure that he’s reading this right now and is blushing, haha. It’s gearing up to help shape a post-pandemic world and create a better future for all. This is helpful! The manufacturing and exporting of more than 9000 tonnes of produce annually solidify Sri Lanka as a major exporter of … I think there were some related phrases in my phrasebook but perhaps I could expand on it. True story. Thank you very much your information. Sincere thanks for all your great efforts and help, Sue. Wish you all the best and thanks again. A few weeks ago I gave you a choice between 2 blog post topics and the majority of you voted for “Members of the family”. In a Sinhala book I found for beetroot the name ´rathu ala´ (=red potato) and for potato `arthapal´ (I think from `earth appel´). I’m also happy that you liked this blog post. For brinjal/aubergines, you might also hear it being called “batu” but mainly it’s “vambatu” (think ‘wombat’ and you forget it..). Yes, I certainly have had it. Thank you Chandra, that’s very kind of you to say. I’ve sort of decided that the pain of working out everyday is nothing compared to the enjoyment I get from Sri Lankan food, so the plan is “no compromise” on the food. I feel dizzy, I feel nauseous, my tummy hurts, I have diarrhea,… Stuff like that! (asking because I’m always looking for good rice & curry lunch spots for me). Hi, I had hard time reading ræmpiyȧn . Arun, Coriander leaves are called Koththamalli Kola. Glad you like it. Yeah, it’s not going to be easy to learn all of them and I wouldn’t even recommend it. Wow ,superb article.keep it up,also do it artical about fruits too. I hope your blog posts help me learn sinhala. I found the local cuisine very tasty. Good enough for me :), yes, I’m pretty happy with my knowledge so far. Perhaps I don’t deliver on them as soon as one might like, but I don’t forget about them. Farmers are starting vegetable farming in Yala season where water is scared Sri Lanka produces more than 800,000 metric tons of fruits and vegetables annually and exports both fresh and processed varieties to many destinations in the world. Incorporated in 1982, the Company commands the position of market leader as supplier of hotel requisites to the Maldives resorts as well as to customers in the Seychelles , Middle East and selected European markets.

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