Evidently, he is blessed with great strength and power despite his frail body frame. Consider this your weekend inspiration, that jumping off point that encourages you to … Due to having a doll body, Gowther has pseudo-immortality that enabled him to survive otherwise fatal injuries. For much of the series he completely lacked normal emotions, leading to him coming into occasional conflict with his fellow Sins because of his attempts to understand emotion. 64.9k members in the CuteTraps community. Gowther uses his Jack to make the two vampires to kill each other, revealing his true identity to everyone. DAY 17 My favorite armor is Gowther's because it's able to suppress all his magical powers. Sparkle ” Gowther asked, striking a pose. Goat A wave of disgust slid across her face, “Whatever has the highest alcohol content.” “That would be Falling Star. The two Sins battle until Meliodas and Merlin intervene. For example, he often observes Meliodas and Ban's friendship, and he is not beyond using his powers to experiment on others, as seen when he brainwashes Guila. However, during the Holy War he disappeared for unknown reasons. June 2 With the death of his creator, Gowther managed to flee, successfully disappearing from the remainder of the war. He has also picked up on social situations, such as King inviting him to a round of drinks to ease the tension between them, though Gowther still retains a certain aloofness about him. He has a very feminine face and as such can be mistaken for a girl.Gowther has amber eyes and dark red hair (sometimes depicted as magenta) that reaches just past his jaw. After Gowther restores Guila's memory, Guila appears to be extremely shocked and disturbed by Gowther's actions. he is actually a doll created by the original Gowther, an elite demon of the Ten Commandments from millennia ago. The day he awoke for the first time, in Gowther's lab, an unfinished project that couldn't really think or feel? At this, Nadja faints and is taken back to the castle by Gowther who disguises himself as a maid to enter. Like Merlin, it is implied that Gowther and Escanor may have a history, as Escanor hinted that he has known Gowther for a considerably long time (though this very well may just be referring to their time as comradery as Sins in the past). ゴウセル However, Gowther later reveals that he had altered Guila's memories in order to understand love, causing her to believe that she had grown up as his fiancé and disciple. Transformation: Gowther can change his hair length and color as well as his eye color at will. He had been restrained to the prison for 500 years and his only contact to the outside world was through the puppet body that is the recognizable Gowther. Dodged attacks from Red Demon Hendrickson) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Post-Training King), Striking Strength: At least City Class | Unknown. Biological Description Shop high-quality unique Nanatsu No Taizai Gowther T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Gowther also has the ability to change aspects of his appearance, although he is limited to only his hairstyle and skin color.[1]. The two share similarity in their personality and intelligence, and they share a bond identical to father and son, with the Demon even stating his wish for Gowther to be independent of his creator and experience life with friends. This indicates that Meliodas respects and values Gowther as well. Rank One day he tells Nadja that his creator died asking him to make the dream come true that he could never fulfill but that he had never told him what it was, to which Nadja responds saying that he already made it reality by seeing, hearing and feeling for himself and Nadja realizes her dream by spending her last moments of life in a moment of passion with Gowther. Gowther shares a fairly close bond with King; when King was injured by Dale's Venom Spit, Gowther carries him, and King tends to give Gowther advice on how to behave in situations. Believing they were there to discuss their defeat of the Troll Queen (as well as the unintended destruction of the Great Druid Altar), they were instead shocked by the gruesome discovery of Zaratras's body. Gowther seems to be the comic relief, even in the direst situation. Nadja and Gowther shared a loving relationship, Nadja bringing him a gift after they first met, and Gowther expressing a wish for her to "always like him". Attack Potency: At least City level (Effortlessly cut the head off of Armor Giant Dale with a knife hand strike. Gowther and Merlin are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Herritt 69 likes. Orgalorg ended up being defeated by Grob Gob Glob Grod and was exiled to Earth. He often states things factually without realizing that what he says can upset people. idc what anyone else says gowther is a non-binary icon. His usual attire consists of a white shirt with gray long sleeves over a black cropped tank top as well as a pair of dark pants and short grey boots. When Nadja tells him to return to the castle, he begs her not to leave him, so she promises to return with him. Abilities He told hte jeweler he was looking for a special ring for his girlfriend. Upon being confronted by an illusion of her, he confesses that if he could go back, he would still choose the road that led him to meet Nadja. In this way, the two Gowther used the forbidden spell to alter the memories of the Archangel Mael, giving him a new identity as the second son of the Demon King, "Estarossa", turning him into Mael's supposed killer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. tags: beauty, life, spark. His Sacred Treasure is the Twin Bow, Herritt, which he uses in conjunction with his inherent power, Invasion. About Sparkle Moments. Anime Debut When Merlin turns Gowther back to his doll form, Slader is put in charge of looking after Gowther. When Gowther is returned to doll form, Diane states that she did not know he was speaking truthfully about being unable to feel emotions. Sacred Treasure They do not need to be physically drawn and can be fired at the same time. For I only have so much sparkle within me, and I chuse [sic] to save it for them.” Gowther and Hawk have a friendly, yet strained relationship. However, Gowther's body is not completely invincible to damage, as the right amount can easily harm his body to the point of breaking, as seen in his encounter with Mael. Despite being suddenly frightened of each other, the princess showed some interest in him. Range: Standard melee range, kilometers with magic. After Diane and King complained that he was late, he told them that he wanted to make his entrance exciting by striking a pose. Here at Sparkle Moments I enjoy sharing little glimpses of sparkle with you. A lot time had passed since Gowther and King had returned to the tavern, and so far they haven't bothered you. Relationships Gowther then grows his hair to look like Merdol, which surprises Nadja who asks Gowther if he is a wizard. Knowing that the Archangel was the greatest force of the Goddess Clan, Gowther knew that losing it would force them to use the seal of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness and thus end the Holy War. After the Armor Giant arc, Pelliot asks Gowther to return home with him, but Gowther tells Pelliot that he must leave and reveals the truth about his identity as a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. They spent time together and eventually fell in love, but Nadja was chronically ill and was destined to die young. From there, Gowther joined the Seven Deadly Sins. Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Rescued Guila from Dreyfus' attack and landed his own attack on Dreyfus at the same time Dreyfus attacked him. Goat's Sin of LustArmor GiantArmando (disguise, Manga)Lord GowtherAlan (disguise, Anime)Gowther the Selflessness (無欲のゴウセル Muyoku no Gouseru) Meliodas, Ban & Gowther vs. Holy Knights of Liones, Gowther, King, Sariel, Tarmiel & Derieri vs. Mael, Gowther, King, Diane & Elizabeth vs. Mael, Seven Deadly Sins & Four Archangels vs. Zeldris & Original Demon, Seven Deadly Sins, Four Archangels & Zeldris vs. Demon King, Seven Deadly Sins & Elizabeth Liones vs. Demon King, https://nanatsu-no-taizai.fandom.com/wiki/Gowther?oldid=155814, Gowther's special skill is changing forms and reading minds, What he likes about himself: His cuteness, Dream/Hope: Being a pretty attraction girl for the, The most embarrassing thing in his life: I do not understand the question, What he wants the most right now: His memories and emotions, His complex is his inability to read the situation, The persons he respects the most are the ones who write books, There is no person he would mind making an enemy of. She seems to understand Gowther quite well; for instance, when Ban gets angry at Gowther for stating that Hawk's death had no effect on the fighting prowess of the group and was therefore not truly a "loss", Merlin defends him and says Gowther does not mean any harm. Not much is known about his personality, but unlike most other demons, he seems to be a kind and caring person. Gowther participated in the battle against the Vampires of Edinburgh, and although he didn't do much during the battle, he had managed to infiltrate the vampire ranks by making them believe he was a part of their clan. Over time, Nadja and Gowther become closer and closer, falling in love with each other. The most notable part of his armor is his massive spiked metal shoulder plates. After spending their last moments together in bed for the first time, Nadja died with a smile on her face. Elizabeth's power was healing everyone, Gowther regained consciousness, well at the his head, Ban's wounds completely healed, and did Meliodas's as he stared at her, while her power was inflicting much damage to Hendrickson as he grunted and yelled out in pain. After their fight in the festival, Gowther carries Escanor on his back for the rest of the arc. When Gowther finds out that Dawn Roar has replaced the Sins, Gowther considers himself Slader's senior and tells Slader he hopes they get along. Gowther also wears a pair of glasses with light frames and apparently cannot see without them. Her death was the reason he cast away his heart, believing he would be better off and feel less pain as a plain doll. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. At some point after this, Merlin gave Gowther an enchanted armor, which Gowther constantly wore to compensate for the loss of his erased emotions and memories and to better control his own power. Birthday After these fail, he was believed to have murdered her and sentenced to death. Gowther's actions towards Elizabeth and his desire to befriend and help her, despite being friendly in nature, are mostly his wanting to better understand her emotions and learn from them, yet despite this, he does respect her to an extent. He showed up just in time to save Diane and King, who'd had their strength drained by a drunk Ban, and were having a hard time against two vampires. "Your characters sparkle, Jane." He has a very feminine face and as such can be mistaken for a girl. (Authors note: Your little liar, you want them to touch you ;-)) Well, you kind of did. But the first Gowther made the doll as a boy, so he wouldn't have sexual desire for his creation. Gowther starts playing seven deadly sins with him. He pushed up the silver glasses resting on the bridge of his nose and surveyed the room. Gowther's magic also deals damage to the soul. He willingly used Search Light to help Meliodas recover his lost memories of the incident ten years ago. With all the information he turned into his mom. He also admires Gowther's body when Gowther reveals that he has no clothes, and affectionately chooses a new outfit for Gowther after the battle against Galand. Despite his title, he has been shown to not normally be lustful; even when he brainwashed Guila into loving him, it was not out of lust. During his fight against the Dawn Roar in Ordan, Gowther caught Weinheidt's charged arrow with his bare hands and sliced through armor of the Armor Giant with ease. "Hey, Gowther. Likely Island Class, Durability: At least City level (Took no damage from a direct punch by Armor Giant Dale. Gowther decided to discard his magical heart and use his power to erase his own memories, to live like a simple doll and never have to feel that pain again. Has enough magic power to assist the original Gowther in casting his forbidden spell. There, he decides to release his doll, granting him a heart, as well as a will and mind of his own so that from there on he could live and exist on his own. Since Gowther doesn't understand emotions he goes to great lengths to understand them better. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Affiliation When Zeldris appears to return Gowther to his prison, Drole confronts him to allow both Gowthers to escape. Bespoke handmade products to help celebrate the important moments in your life and the lives of your family and friends. After spending their last moments together in bed for the first time, Nadja died with a smile on her face. The Author revealed that without his glasses, it is less than 20/200. Movie Debut Rebuking Fraudrin's disbelief and accusation of Meliodas's running away from the battle, Gowther explains that rather than running away, Meliodas did what he did out of love. Gowther has amber eyes and dark red hair (sometimes depicted as magenta) that reaches just past his jaw. Gowther asks where they are and is surprised to hear the names of the kingdoms of Lions and Danafor that had never heard. However, Gowther has shown to care enough that he left to help Diane in her fight against Holy Knights in Liones. Respond to stinkygoblin Follow . See more ideas about sparkle quotes, quotes, sparkle. Alias Guila and Gowther met when he saved her during Hendrickson's attack on Liones, and later saved her from transforming into a demon. Gowther is a doll who, according to Merlin, was created by a great mage from long ago. After much time, the idea of being alone again proved to be too overwhelming for him, leading to who Gowther is in the present. The two meet again during the Kingdom Invasion arc, and Slader states he'd been longing to fight Gowther since their encounter with the Armor Giant. Respond to EliteSimp707 Follow . After Meliodas affirms that Gowther is his important comrade, no matter what, Slader tells Gowther he is lucky. Also, he restored Diane's lost memory as a thank-you for looking after the Gowther in the future.