HOUSTON - Election frustration is now noticeable on some city streets nationwide. 110 talking about this. George Floyd's hometown of Houston is in lockstep with a peaceful march protesting police brutality and social injustice ... and they're doing it to honor a Houston native. ... A demonstrator and a Houston Police officer exchange words during a march to protest the death of Houston native George Floyd on Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Houston… Skip Navigation Share on Facebook TONIGHT: Packers Classic. 1 of 6 Cesar Espinosa, Executive Director FIEL Houston Inc, joined voters, non-voters, and protectors of democracy, to make public statements in response to on … One group marched with anti-Trump posters from City Hall to a federal building. HOUSTON – A beloved Garden Oaks restaurant got an outpouring of support Monday after it was the site of a weekend protest by a group against … Protesters for Greenpeace are dangling over a bridge in Houston ahead of the Democratic Party debate. 86K Views. Members of the group carried guns and used a baseball bat to hit a President Donald Trump piñata. In solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet, #occupytogether, and the countless other @Occupy movements across the world. On Wednesday, a couple of different protests took place in downtown Houston. The group is protesting the $7 billion North Houston Highway Improvement Project, saying that it will create a whole new set of problems for people in the area. Facebook Twitter Email. A Russian troll group promoted and organized two opposing events on Facebook to pit Americans against each other. 0:16. A Peaceful Protest, Cut Short by Police, in Houston with George Floyd’s Family. Related Videos. By Bryan Washingto n. June 4, 2020. 1,095 talking about this. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest. Save this story for later. Houston defense attorneys join George Floyd protest Samantha Ketterer June 8, 2020 Updated: June 8, 2020 9:01 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest ... 2020, in downtown Houston during the fifth day of protests across the nation sparked by the death of former Houston resident George Floyd. NBC26. An official page dedicated to linking activists and supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in Houston.