First kidding at the age of 23 months and inter-kidding interval is about 11 months. Rs 25,000 . Goat farm Saanen. Extra 100 gm concentrate Feed should be provided to the breeder and pregnant goats. If there are more than 25 goats on the farm than there should be quarantine House in the farm, to stay away from economic loss. Yes off course jamunapari is good for the commercial goat farming. Goats Jamunapari. ... Jamunapari male for sale Contact number - 0768404112 Place - jaffna. SaleMe is to buy and sell anything by online. For Sale, Male Goats. How many goats can we accomadate. Goat meat is a great source of consumable meat which is very testy, nutritious and healthy. , Western Province, Puttalam Sri Lanka is largely self-sufficient in most animal products – apart from dairy. Attach your CV and get the best Job. Sheikh Goat Farm. Find adrobale cats, dogs, birds, acqurium fishes, and animal food online near you only on! The Jamunapari Goat has been extensively used for upgrading the local goats not only in India but also in so many Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bhutan Bangladesh, due to its high Production and Potential in milk and Meat, and adaptability for a wide range of agro-climatic condition. Pure Jamunapari ( Male and female ), Jamunapari and Boer Cross - 80% Boer ( Male only ) , Thalachcheri ( Kerala Milk & Meat Breed - Male only - Ideal to Cross with our Native Breeds ) 3, 4 and 5 months kids available at Trincomalee. , Northern Province. And goat’s wool is being used in many purposes and skin of goat plays a vital role in leather industry. For the Indian tropical condition, vaccines like PPR, Enterotoxaemia, Foot and Mouth Disease, Hemorrhagic septicaemia, Goat pox should be done at the age of 3 months. (Colombo 11. ... Jamunapari Goat Farm. it's our passion and not business. Initially we will be starting in 20-25 acres. SKYN ORIGINAL CONDOMS 3S (0) LKR400.00. Residential property in Sri Lanka for sale, commercial property for sale and lands for sale. The jamunapari goat breeds compete with the Top milk-producing Breed with  Beetal Goat Breed of Punjab. Goat Farming in Sri Lanka: The following is all about goat farming in Sri Lanka. Normally 250 to 300 Liters of milk yield is noted in the lactation period of 150 to 170 days. Description; Location Map; Rating; Share Close Share. free classified ads website free advertising websites sri lanka to post free ad in sri lanka almost any thing including Cars, Homes, Rental Property, Mobile Phone, Jobs, Services, Electronics, Pets for sale, rent, buy and more locally classifieds sri lanka, free classified ads sri lanka , They have large long pendulous teats which are ideal for milking. Island wide/overseas Delivery services,Fastest free delivery within Colombo 1 to … This time she gave birth to 3 male goats and one female goat. Pure Jamunapari 4 females and a male goats are available for sale. Marketing Agency. Goat Kids for Sale. My Goat Farm @ Gelioya , Kandy, Sri lanka.Contact Us to Buy Milk and Purebred Saanen, Jamunaparis, Anglo Nubians.We do farm consulting !! Jamunapari goat is the Dual purpose goat breed. Property in sri lanka can be categories to 3 main sectors. External and internal deworming should be done pre and post-monsoon. And commercial goat production can help for fighting food scarcity. The Ears are Long and folded and the same color with the face. Be a part of … We Sell Goat Milk and Goats. Because this is quite good in weight so obviously the production of meat is good. The country's wide range of properties was able to cater to the growing needs of property seekers making property for sale in Sri Lanka the most popular type of investment. About Lanka Property Web. The testicles should be of the same size. Global population is increasing gradually, and total food demand is also increasing. Farm. Warning ! New and used Toyota Kdh Riyasewana price list. SaleMe is to buy and sell anything by online. It is not only one of the companies with the good sales revenue in Sri Lanka, but also one of the leading trader in the Sri lanka. it is also known as Queen of goats because it is Beautiful in look and large in size. Therefore, many livestock products have to be imported. The milk of the Jamunapari goat has a delicious taste to it and is very healthy even though it contains quite a high-fat content of around 5%. NATUROPATHICA HORNY GOAT WEED LIBIDO BOOST FOR HIM 50S (30) LKR5,900.00. Their average age of first conception is 18 months. Jamunapari Goat. Add to Cart . The length of the Ear is approximately 30 cm. PISANGAN, Ajmer - 305206, Dist. The Meat is preferable to eat at the age of  9 to 10 months of Goats and this goat achieve good weight at this age. House should be well ventilated for the incoming of fresh air and outgoing of harmful gases made from rumination and manure of goats. Established in 2007, (LPW) is currently Sri Lanka's number one and most visited property and apartment listing website / real estate website with the highest number of Sri Lanka ads for properties listed in the market. The breed is in high demand, and there is no need of marketing in the sale of jamunapri Goat. Farm. The breed has been used for Cross Breeding in so many Neighbour countries of India. By submitting your email address, you confirm you understand and agree to our Privacy Policy. We have 67 Goat Sale ads under Animals & Pets category. Jamunapari is the type of goat which can achieve weight more than expected at the quality feed. TOP AD. Post FREE AD. The new entry in the should be placed in the quarantine house for first 30 days. Breed : Jamunapari Sex : Female Birthday : 16.11.2011 She came to us when she was around 6 months old. Get the best deals on Jamunapari Goat Sale In Sri Lanka ads in Sri Lanka. The main livestock products in Sri Lanka are milk, meat and eggs. , North Western Province, Goats for sale 4 month below , 5 goats available only Male, Moratuwa Etha usas wargaye Jamunapari elu wassiyo 4k saha wassa wikineemata. So for the better Production from Jamunapari Goats Provide them. Triplets and quadruplets are common in this goat breed. The jamunapari Goat performs well in semi-intensive and intensive goat farming. Sri Lanka: Opportunities for dairy sector growth. Call Ruwantha. we help you to find better deals from all over land for sale, used cars sri lanka, used phones sri lanka, used phones for sale and cars for sale. Jamunapari is one of the popular breeds of India. The breeder can be used for crossbreeding for the goats near about you. BARAKA VIREGA PLUS CAPSULES 60S ... Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. The length of the body is around 35 to 37 inches in the adult male goat. After that, it drops Each week up to the end of lactation. Show details . Call +91-7971477707. The udders are large and in wedged shape. In Sri Lanka many farmers depend on animal husbandry for their livelihood, but not a large proportion. the Goat produces around 55% consumable meat from the total live weight of the goat. Jamunapri is the fast-growing Breed of India, in 0 to 3 months of age it gains weight 110 gm per day and during 3 to 12 months of age, it gains weight 130 gm per day Under semi-intensive Goat Farming system. There are 28 Known Breeds in India and Jamunapari is in the Top who Looks Beautiful, Good in Milk, Quite good in weight. Well, goat is known as poor man’s cow and became a very important component in the dry land farming system of Sri Lanka. Etha usas wargaye Jamunapari elu wassiyo 4k saha wassa wikineemata. The Jamunapari Goat has been extensively used for upgrading the local goats not only in India but also in so many Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bhutan Bangladesh, due to its high Production and Potential in milk and Meat, and adaptability for a wide range of agro-climatic condition. In which all the. Minuwangoda Galle, Pets. raising pygmy goat as pets is good choice, it looks beautiful cute and adorable. ... don't have an account. They have a good meat quality with a good meat to bone ratio. That’s why we name her Seenu. Call Ruwantha. Introduction to Goat Farming in Sri Lanka. Department of Animal Production & Health. Homagama Rozella Farm Village. The housing should be disinfected from every week for good health of the goat. Developed in association with Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri LankaInformation and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka They has a habit of coming to the door even the sound of our voice. We have 26 Jamunapari Goat Sale In Sri Lanka ads under Animals & Pets category. It produces around 2.25 liters milk per day in the first month after giving birth. we help you to find better deals from all over land for sale, used cars sri lanka, used phones sri lanka, used phones for sale and cars for sale. It gives maximum returns from meat and milk. , Western Province, Jaffna The conception rate of Jamunapari goat is very high and it is nearly 90%. Add to Cart . Buy and sell any Farm animals like cattles, cows, sheep, chickens, goats and other such animals. Developed in association with Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri LankaInformation and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka Mother : Loku Breed: Jamunapari. The hair on the Rear legs makes this breed different from the others. Alpine, Jamunapari, Saanen & Other Breeds Available. It is also used to Improve the Meat and milk production of the other lower production goat breeds. High in demand Because of beautiful look in the festive season like Eid and Durgapuja. The fat percentage in the milk of jamunapari goat is 4 % with 2.5% protein in it. Goat for sale. HISTORY. Rs 110,000. Jamunapari goat for sale Masa 9k wayasathi nembi wessiyan,2k- 90000, masa 8k wayasathi thani kalu wassaa -70000 3denama 152000 Horns are medium in size, tilted towards the backside. There should be enough Dry Matter intake in the whole day feed. An adult 50 Kg goat Gives around 28 kg Meat. Search. Kidding rate 1.6 and twinning 52%. Goat for sale. For the good upcoming results, the age of jamunapari breeder should be 2 years or 4 teeth. Prince farm. Jamunapari goat Breed developed over centuries through natural selection by the goat keepers of Uttarpradesh, under harsh climate, tropical disease, Good quality food. The sexual maturity in males comes at 12-14 months of age. The capability of conversion of feed to meat  (FCR) is quite appreciable in jamunapari Goat which gains weight 100 to 130 gram per day on Normal feeding with 1 to 2 hours of grazing. ... Pets and Animals for Sale in Sri Lanka Showing 1-25 of 8,687 ads. Rs 7,000. it is also used for ornamental purpose. is the Largest Showroom based online Retail Shopping Mall in Sri Lanka. 8 Nov 2019, 12:35pm Referance : ad973-1911-053176 Views : 736; U UDAYANGA . Free Classifieds. Toyota Kdh Vans for sale in Sri Lanka. Rottweilers Puppies. 3.3K likes. We need advice we will Import the same It is one of the most productive goats of India, The Production of Milk And Meat is Very High as compared to other Breed. Ideal breed for milk high milk yield breed 4 months Pragnent goat. Get best deals on Farm animals for sale in Sri Lanka only on The face of the Jamunapari Goat is quite impressive, the face of the goat is big in size and has Roman Nose and Thick hair on the nose gives them a perfect look. Jaffna, Farm Animals. The Male Adult Jamunapari looks quite Majestic, the tuft of long hairs on the rear Legs Gives them perfect Looks. However, the consumption of dairy products has increased dramatically since the 1970s when the Government adopted open economic policies. Search through 637 Toyota Kdh Vans for sale ads. By Rent A Car Posted April 11, 2019-Views 284. Ajmer SHEIKH GOAT FARM,NURIAWAS, TH. Ranaweera National Consultant Colombo. Which is quite good in milk and meat production. Sri Lanka) This is going to be a initial start We dont know whatis the suitable goat but we prefer something commercial. This goat breed gives maximum returns at low-cost management. , Western Province, Male&female goats sale many detals kantak me *****, Male & female goats for sale more info contact me, Pannipitiya FCR (Feed conversion rate) of the breeder should be well. land for sale used cars sri lanka ... jamunapari goat. price is negotiable. Jamunapari goat kidsMale female mix 3, to 4 month old kidsMinimum oder accepted 70 piceTransport charges extra. For meat production. Shopping & Retail. Department of Animal Production & Health. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Goat Farm in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Featured below is a detailed overview of the global Goat Meat market information. jamunapari goat for immediate sale. this Breed is very popular in Indonesia, in Indonesia this Breed is known from  Kambing Etawa. The soil in the house should be rotated and burn in every 3 months to kill the bacteria. N.F.C. , Western Province, Negombo Welcome to Sri Lanka's first inspirational global experience in online grocery retailing. Ajmer, Rajasthan. The breeder should be of good height, good weight, strengthened legs, Tight and aggressive. She has bells under her neck. This breeds also comes in the category of Milk purpose Breed because The production of milk is quite well. Get the best deals on Goat Sale ads in Sri Lanka. This ad has expired. ₨.25,000.00 (Negotiable) Message Seller Contact Seller . This weight gain will be more 10 to 20 gm per day in intensive farming or stall feeding farming. Eyes are oval in shape or Brown in color. Provide separate housing according to the age of goats. You can discover details including: top producing & exporting countries, real-time market prices, local product varieties, seasonality, production & export volumes, and more The name of this goat is derived from its habitat across the river Yamuna, it Pronounces Jamuna By Local people. , Western Province, Pure Jamunapari 4 females and a male goats are available for sale. Let employers find you easily. Goat Farm. ... Day Old Broiler Chicks For Sale December 09, 2019; Flickr Gallery The Jamunapari goat breed is originated in Etawah District of Uttarpradesh India. Background. About product and suppliers: 8,065 poultry farm equipment in sri lanka products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which animal cages accounts for 33%, animal feeders accounts for 3%, and other animal husbandry equipment accounts for 3%. Disease in Goat Caused By Virus and Bacteria, Check the Project report of (100+5) goats, Goat farming Basics: Learn completely from my experience, Goat farming in India complete information for Beginners, Goat Farming Training By Indus Goat farm & Training Center, Goat farming in Telangana State an opportunity for farmers in 2021, Kota Goat Breed: Most profitable goat breed of India, Generally, like humans Goats also like to live in clean and Hygiene place. That’s why it is called the Queen of Goats. The green, Dry forages and concentrate feed should be present in each day of goat feed. Company Video. Hides, wools and other products are still not produced within the country. TrustSEAL Verified. Animals Gampaha, Jamunapari Goats ජමුනාපාරි එළුවන් Strong and Healthy | ඉතාම හොද සෞඛ්‍ය තත්වයේ මිළ සාකච්ඡා කරගත හැක sri lanka free classified ads free classified ads in sri lanka free advertising websites in sri lanka classified sites sri lanka Sri Lanka goat farm, Jaffna Town, Sri Lanka. All the needed medicine should be available on the farm every time. Looking for pets to adopt or buy animals in Sri Lanka? NLDB is a leading supplier, playing a dominant role in Local market and export of LiveStock of Sri lanka.