Picom — Compositor (a fork of Compton) Among the changes include: - Mutter's input work is now handled on a separate thread as a big win! A key component of the desktop is the window manager, which defines much of the overall feel of the system. The Solus logo is Copyright © 2016-2020 Solus Project. I am aware that the shortcode of "Shift + Alt + F12" disables all the desktop effects of Kubuntu 15.10. There is a bug on gnome-shell and gives me so bad performance in 3d games !!! Is there a way to disable compositor redirection of full screen windows ? It became the default window manager in GNOME 3, replacing Metacity which used GTK+ for rendering. I found the checkbox that says "disable compositing for fullscreen apps" but fullscreen doesnt work on multimonitor setups (fullscreen apps always start at the far left monitor no matter what you do). How can i disable the compositor (gnome-shell/mutter) on fullscreen windows ? For other window managers, a standalone composite manager can be used. Window management. All other Mutter 3.36.4 has been released. MUTTER(1) General Commands Manual MUTTER(1) NAME MUTTER - Clutter based compositing GTK2 Window Manager SYNOPSIS mutter [--display=DISPLAY] [--replace] [--sm-client-id=ID] [--sm-disable] [--sm-save-file=FILENAME] [--version] [--help] DESCRIPTIONThis manual page documents briefly mutter. mutter is a minimal X window manager aimed at nontechnical users and is designed to integrate well with the GNOME desktop.mutter lacks some features that may be expected by traditional UNIX or other technical users; these users may want to investigate other available window managers for use with GNOME or standalone. Mutter is a window manager initially designed and implemented for the X Window System, but then evolved to be a Wayland compositor. I can't say it better than the specification : A value of 0 indicates no preference. In working towards the March release of GNOME 40, the Mutter compositor / window manager is out today with its 40 Alpha release. 2-Add “Allow applications to disable compositing” in settings, and enable it by default. Introduction to Mutter Mutter is the window manager for GNOME.It is not invoked directly, but from GNOME Session (on a machine with a hardware accelerated video driver).. AWFULLY LOW PERFORMANCE !!! List of composite managers. A value of 1 hints the compositor to disabling compositing of this window. Objective: Speeding up Kubuntu 15.10 as much as possible. Its been driving me crazy. This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS-8.4 platform. Thomas Thurman, the maintainer of Metacity—GNOME's current window manager—is looking ahead to "Mutter" as the window manager for GNOME 3. OPTIONS--display=DISPLAY Connect to X display DISPLAY. Compiz, Enlightenment, KWin, Marco, Metacity, Muffin, Mutter, Xfwm) do compositing on their own. Some window managers (e.g. A value of 2 hints the compositor to not disabling compositing of this window. It prevent the compositor to disable the compositing by itself. Mutter 3.36.4 About mutter Mutter is a window and compositing manager that displays and manages your desktop via OpenGL. Copyright © 2015-2020 Solus Project. gnome 17.10 fullscreen gnome-shell. However, is there a way to disable all those effects automatically and permanently in every future session? Clutter uses OpenGL for rendering. See the following article for more information: compositing window manager. GNOME 3 is the GNOME project's ambitious effort to take its desktop into the future. ... Cinnamon uses a fork of mutter for its window manager which uses clutter. The GNOME 40 Alpha release isn't scheduled until 9 January but coming out today is the Mutter 40 Alpha tagged.