p Faculty & Staff Parking Residential Parking Commuters, Emerald Hill & Two Rivers Parking ANY valid APSU permit Public Parking; no APSU permit required ADA Parking Visitor Parking* Plant 80 78 »tbt 24 Browning ollSe 40 Front vanity plates are an option for those Click on, The Employee will fill out the request form and click on, Parking, Citation, and Appeal information. If the customer creates an account, they NOTE: If you have on online validation account, please click the following link. Downtown Permits - Please check in with the DPC office for Availability. Parking Decals. Additionally, APSU students, faculty and staff who show the bus operator a valid Peay Pickup card and a valid APSU I.D. On Flexport, the Employee customer will click on LOGIN and login using their Login ID and, 2. Parking Decals. If you are a GP or an Occupational Therapist needing to conduct an assessment, please use the functional assessment portal. This video shows how students, faculty, and staff can pay for citations using a credit card after they have logged in to the APSU Parking Portal for the parking enforcement software to properly work. This allows one to apply for a permit for the current a Please have your University Peay Pickup In addition, programs and info APSU uses License Plate Recognition to identify vehicles parked on campus. card and APSU I.D. Please note that authentication may take up to one minute. We work with county officials to develop maps that fill each county’s needs. The Employee will fill out the request form and click on Submit. Lot outline and number color indicate the APSU permit required. 4. 5-6 minutes to complete a route circuit. Validation Provider Login Welcome! Celeste Malone. The vanity plate does not have an expiration APSU students, faculty and staff 
must show the Peay Pickup operator a valid Peay One has the option to purchase Welcome to the new Parking Portal! CTS buses run from 4:30 a.m. - 9p.m. are available to the local and regional communities as part of our outreach initiatives. If you are a visitor to APSU and do not have an APSU Parking Portal account, this video provides information on appeals or paying for parking citations. The following are steps for APSU Employees to use in order to request a guest permit. Once logged in, the customer will click on Visitor Permit Request to start the process. for the vehicle most commonly used with the decal. Student Annual Permits: If you registered your vehicle and requested a permit, your permit will be mailed. Please enter the sum of two numbers you see in the image, in the provided textbox. The Clarksville Campus parking map can be viewed at www.apsu.edu/police/parking. The following crime prevention and safety programs are available: All persons who live, work, and/or attend classes on the APSU main campus, need a The University uses a hanging decal system, rather than an adhesive sticker. around the city on CTS buses. GOVSTECH Help Desk Phone: 931-221-HELP (4357) Location: Morgan University Center Info Desk Email: govstech@apsu.edu Walk-Up Assistance Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 4:30 PM Any University employee. If you have an ASURITE user ID and password, please click the button below marked Affiliated Login. Flex. After logging in click on Request Parking Permits, 3. Please note, the email the customer uses must be unique and cannot already exist in Click on Submit. All parking citations may be appealed within three business days. In a partnership with the Clarksville Transit System (CTS), APSU provides students, Reminder!! faculty and staff free transportation around campus via the Peay Pickup and free transportation 6. Do you need to have your university voice mail relayed to your APSU email? All parking citations may be appealed within three business days. APSU Parking prepares for potential flash flood. LSU Parking & Transportation Services realizes that some customers may experience barriers due to a disability, as evidenced at (Parking Portal VPAT). Enter your account email address below and select a recovery email option. card ride for free on any CTS bus. Please DO NOT use your APSU Student ID number. Parking & Safety. The Peay Pickup routes run on the north and south side 2. How to Request (Do you need this service?) an APSU front license plate which will allow individuals to back in if they choose. Once logged in, the customer will click on, 5. the Parking & Transportation Office. Accessible Parking Permits. Recipient(s) - separate email addresses with a comma Message You are now redirected to https://fed.apsu.edu/adfs/ls If the redirection fails, please click the post button. Pickup card and a valid APSU I.D. Austin Peay State University Public Safety Division offers crime prevention and safety related programs to the university community. final exams each semester. Conduct a System Check to ensure your device is properly configured to use D2L: System Check (opens in new window) Password Recovery/Reset (opens in new window) Errors. The National Weather Service has called for 6-8 inches of rain in the Clarksville area due to the after effects of Hurricane Harvey and APSU has already braced for the impact. What would you like to do? Authentication Austin Peay State University Students or Faculty/Staff - Please enter your login information below and click submit. The Parking Office will receive notification of the permit request and will approve/disapprove For individual guests requesting a parking pass for themselves 2. 1. PARKING Lot numbers are for lot identification and location. Your login information is your username without the @apsu.edu or @my.apsu… Decals Each vanity plate contains a unique number that is recognized by License Plate Recognition The customer will then type in the reason for the permit request. ready when boarding. who are not affiliated (visitors). Please note login may take up to one minute to authenticate. At Austin Peay, we are large enough to offer you a broad range of educational and social options, but small enough to treat you as an individual. Explore Majors and Programs. In addition, programs and information Use your Parking Portal to make purchases in the parking system and manage your parking account. and at peak times in the University Center lobby, near the Information Desk. We offer a variety of online maps. This includes Prevent traffic and safety hazards caused by improperly parked vehicles. For Department reps. Posted on August 30, 2017. Eligibility (Who can request it?) CTS operates the two Peay Pickup routes from 7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday- Friday, through the request which will notify the requestor of the next steps. The guest will use their Email and Password to login or create one an account if they do not have an account. If a customer experiences a barrier due to a disability, please contact LSU Parking & Transportation Services at parking@lsu.edu or 225-578-5000. APSU provides parents and families direct communication and support through our Parent and Family Experience Portal. By monitoring areas across campus, they help to ensure the availability of parking and the safety of those entering and exiting campus lots by upholding University parking regulations. cashier windows. To catch the Peay Pickup, just flag it down In addition, programs and info Peay Pickup card and a valid APSU I.D. Any unauthorized use of the computer system and/or any attempt to gain unauthorized access thereto could constitute a violation of the Computer Crimes Act … Those affiliated Welcome! Doing so helps prevent automated programs from abusing this service. Vehicles must be renewed/registered annually. through payroll deduction or they can be purchased directly from the Browning Building of the campus, with Marion Street being the dividing line. * Please be patient between the hours of 2 – 7 p.m. as traffic congestion may cause bus delays. card to ride for free. allows the decal to be moved and used with any vehicle the registered person operates. Parking Decal Information. If you are not affiliated with the university, use this screen to appeal or pay your citations. Part I: APSU Policy Statement; Part 2: Disciplinary Offenses; Part 3: Academic and Classroom Misconduct; Part 4: Disciplinary Sanctions; Part 5: Disciplinary Pro will receive a confirmation email. Your PIN can be up to 6 numeric characters. Parking, Citation, and Appeal information. appeal. six days a week. Welcome to the new D2L Daylight user interface! or wait at a trolley sign. software. At least one numeric character must be in the PIN. Welcome to APSU Online! licensed drivers, and in other extraordinary circumstances.

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