Spanish 300/300H fulfills GE area C3. If you have an older child (over 8 years old) or your … Successful graduates can choose from a range of positions within the bilingual education context. During my final meeting with his tutor, when I shared my thought about the local secondary school or a private bilingual school, I was told Joshua will do well, whatever school you decide to send him to”. By bringing in native-speaking teachers, begin at infant level and not enforce it on a school that is not appropriately equipped. However, if you aren’t a competent Spanish speaker, you may find this challenging. Educational leaders like Dr. Sanchez implement policies for bilingual education. Some 95% of Spanish students at bilingual schools have chosen to be taught in English.” Regional differences in bilingual education “There are notable differences between bilingual education in each of Spain’s regions, especially when it comes to the English skills required of teachers. Jump forward eight years and aged eleven, our strong-willed, independent, caring and intelligent daughter had developed strong roots and was ready to spread her wings. Native English speaking assistants and teachers. Another advantage of studying abroad … They are so resilient and adaptable. Evaluation Report. For years I have said that choosing the best kind of. Spanish 300H draws on the student’s bilingual, linguistic, and cultural resources to build the knowledge, self-confidence, and engagement to successfully use Spanish in academic settings. He spent one year at a local village school in Arenas near Velez Malaga and then stayed at CEIP San Sebastián in Mijas Pueblo from age five to twelve. My daughters (7 and 9) can have short conversations in English, enjoy watching English TV and have also started reading in English. Bilingual education in Spain is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the international education system, gain practical and theoretical skills in a new environment. They accuse regional governments of using students as a testing ground … They do offer scholarships, but they are largely for students at the Bachillerato level. Some international schools in Spain are also subsidized, follow a bilingual (English/Spanish) curriculum and are also authorized to accept both Spanish and foreign pupils. However, a recent article in El Pais has criticised the project. The third language program currently includes Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin). Pros and cons of international schools in Spain. But experts say there is not enough analysis or objective data on the effect of bilingual learning. Since 1996, the British Council has made a significant investment in bilingual education, alongside the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Surrounded by native speakers, you will learn the language faster. “We began without qualified teachers, and CLIL training – the European methodology to learn a new language through other subjects such as mathematics – is voluntary. School address: Urbanización Torrequebrada, Calle Ronda del Golf Este, 7 – 11, 29639 Benalmádena, Málaga , where more students study in English than any other region (52.3% in elementary school and 33.7% in high school). That said, the benefits of bilingual education are undeniable. (Anghel, Cabrales & Carro, 2015) I think the schools shouldn’t be called bilingual because the percentage of classes is not 50/50 and also they don’t actually produce bilingual children. to teach classes in the first few years, says José Antonio Romero, coordinator of the bilingual program at the public school Miguel Servert in Seville. Hence this research … My current beliefs may not reflect the true picture. Your children will be able to continue with a familiar curriculum taught in their native language with small classes and high-quality facilities. The International School Estepona is West Marbella’s leading primary school and nursery, situated in El Paraiso, Estepona, in the heart of “The New Golden Mile” on the Costa del Sol, Spain.The School is set in a secure fenced compound of 3,700 sq metres which includes ample car parking. “We have been working since 1996 with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to support the implementation, development and evaluation of bilingual and bicultural education throughout Spain. Most “bilingual” schools simply offered a couple of subjects that were taught in English. I am a firm believer that enrolling children in local Spanish school from an early age is a good option for most if not all young (ie. Where your children will go to school is a key concern if you’re relocating. However, a recent article in El Pais has criticised the project. Their curriculum is a combination of Colombian, American, and international standards, as reflected in the percentage of subjects taught in English and in Spanish. Influence of whole school policy on bilingual education in schools 2018 . But in Ronda we do have two bilingual schools, a primary school (CEIP Juan Carillo), and a high school (IES Dr Rodriguez Delgado), as well there is a second bilingual primary school in Setenil de las Bodegas, though this is within the Cadíz province whereas Ronda schools are of course within Málaga province. Should you opt for local state schools, private international schools or bilingual schools in Spain? Bilingual education can often be the most effective when children are beginning preschool or elementary school. Bilingual Education Project Spain (2010) . And they are really good at teaching! Huguet, Á. and Llurda, E.: 2001, ‘Language attitudes of school children in two Catalan/Spanish bilingual communities’, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 4, … The school follows the English and Welsh National Curriculum whilst complying with the requirements of the Spanish Education system.,, The Columbus School. Each year this program continues to grow based on the success rate. In 1998 Iale became the first bilingual infant and primary school in Valencia to be authorised at a national level. However, if you’re exploring sending your child to a bilingual school, you should make sure to visit and evaluate the teachers’ approach. Today, there is an integrated bilingual curriculum for 89 primary and 56 secondary schools across Spain. A case in point: one year after California repealed its ban on bilingual education, Massachusetts passed the LOOK Act, which stands for Language Opportunity for Our Kids. For instance, it’s likely you’ll find helping with homework or communicating with teachers difficult. Bilingual education in Spain is a relatively new development, and in Ronda especially so with both schools having only run their programs for a very short time; one year for the primary school, and three years for the high school. International Schools or Schools with bilingual Programs: Andalucia. Ideal for children growing up in a bilingual environment. Teaching in a bilingual school in Madrid definitely has so many positives! In our “education in Spain” articles you can read lots of advice and experiences that may help you to make up your own mind on what is best for your own child. In Madrid however, where 43.8% of primary school students and 27.6% of secondary students take classes in English, teachers must have an advanced level of English (C1). Our priorities are to work with National and Regional Authorities in Spain to establish best practice in teaching and learning in bilingual schools.”, Reference:, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. In this article, we discuss the Spanish education system and outline what to consider when selecting a bilingual school for your child. For example, since there is such a large Spanish-speaking population in the United States, many primary and secondary school students can benefit from educational environments where they are learning in both English and Spanish.

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