“The recent effort of dumping dolomite sand on a reclaimed part of Manila Bay is not the best way of spending government money; a critical resource during the pandemic that could have been put to better use by spending for the needs of medical frontliners and the millions of our hungry fellow Filipinos,” the experts said. The Pamalakaya pointed out that mangrove planting costs at least P28,881 per hectare, which means that the P389-million budget for the Manila Bay “white sand” filling would be sufficient to turn13,469 hectares of Manila Bay into mangrove forests, which could serve as “fish sanctuary, pollution filter, and coastal communities protection.” Image courtesy of Nilad Metro Manila Environmental Network FEEDBACK: Use this … MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang on Monday defended the P389-million budget for "beach nourishment" on Manila Baywalk after Vice President Leni Robredo called it … “The use of dolomite as a substitute for white sand only means that the Manila Bay rehabilitation did not go through the right process or was studied well. The rehabilitation project that started two years ago has drawn controversy over its cost and environmental concerns. "Itong beach enhancement pong ito ay para po maiwasan ang soil erosion at para makatulong din po sa flood control. CNN and the CNN logo are registered marks of Cable News Network, Inc., displayed with permission. [Translation: As a Manila resident, I'm happy the beautification of Manila Bay is happening because we Manila residents also need access to nice beaches while we aren't allowed to leave Metro Manila.]. "Itong ginawa po nila, ito po ay tinatawag na beach enhancement. A local company thinks so, PH may still cancel Sinovac vaccine deal – Galvez, Los Angeles-based Filipino nurse receives Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. He added that the laying of "white sand" along Manila Bay was part of the 2020 national budget, that was approved last year. Dolomite grains were laid as a topping to the naturally gray coastline of a portion of the Manila Baywalk as part of a P389-million “beach nourishment” project. fed tens of thousands of poor families facing hunger amid the pandemic, purchasing gadgets for students and teachers, Isko Moreno backs Manila Bay’s white sands overlay ‘for now’, Cebu local officials demand probe on dolomite extraction for Manila Bay. This was in reference to the dolomite rocks that make the white sand beach which reaped controversies in the past months due to the project’s hefty costs and environmental risks. And we all know budget rules — how it's stated as a line item is the only way the allocated fund can be used. Malacañang on Thursday (Oct. 1, 2020) said the beach nourishment is just part of the rehabilitation of the entire Manila Bay. The bishop also echoed the concerns of some environmentalists that the synthetic white sand could be washed away by the waves, especially during typhoons. “During these times, where many are without jobs and have no food to eat, this project amounting to over P300 million just for the ‘white sand’ appears to be ill-timed,” Pabillo said over Radio Veritas. DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporda earlier said the Manila Bay rehabilitation project has a ₱389-million funding, which wasn't spent on the dolomite rocks … All these will erode the dolomite sand that was recently laid out on its beach, washing it off to the seabed of Manila Bay. conclude that Manila Bay has a very dynamic marine environment. Meanwhile, some officials noted the hundreds of millions of pesos reportedly allocated to the project could have been used for other matters instead. He said this is just 6 percent of the entire budget of the Manila Bay rehabilitation effort, which is P389 million. The said fund was given by President Rodrigo Duterte from his office’s discretionary fund in 2019 and not part of the DENR’s budget. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources' (DENR) efforts to clean Manila Bay, including the dumping of dolomite sand along the Manila Baywalk, is … Dolomite is, in fact, known as a neutralizer that lessens the acidity of sea water – the reason it is widely used in fish aquariums.” Do crushed dolomite rocks used in beach nourishment at Manila Bay pose a threat to human health? Roque cites Sinovac’s higher efficacy in Indonesia, Turkey. The rehabilitation project that started two years ago has drawn controversy over its … The Manila Bay “beach nourishment” project has a jaw-dropping budget of P389-million and social media is abuzz with the controversy. Upon the extraction of debris in the 500 meters (1,600 ft) portion of Baywalk from the Manila Yacht Club to the US Embassy in Manila, the project proponents dumped two layers of ordinary sand before overlaying it with crushed dolomite. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it would fill Manila Bay’s shore with white sand, which are actually refined dolomite rocks sourced from Cebu province. Dolomite is, therefore, not foreign to the coastal ecosystem. "It's not as if pinlano po itong proyektong ito ngayong panahon ng Covid. “Iyong budget po kasi diyan, hindi lang siya budget actually for the beach nourishment, it’s actually for the entire program of government in rehabilitating Manila Bay. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said it would fill Manila Bay’s shore with white sand, which are actually refined dolomite rocks sourced from Cebu province. Not true. Banner image of dolomite sand over Manila Bay, Philippines. DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporda earlier said the Manila Bay rehabilitation project has a ₱389-million funding, which wasn't spent on the dolomite rocks alone. Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 9) — Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque has defended the government's initiative to overlay "white sand" in Manila Bay, a move criticized by groups and officials alike. The government is spending P389 million to fill Manila Bay’s gray shoreline stretching 500 meters with crushed dolomite—an anhydrous carbonate mineral composed of calcium magnesium carbonate—transported from Manila to Cebu province. California Sees Upbeat Budget Cushioned by $15 Billion Surplus. A Catholic bishop said that the government’s massive spending to overlay ‘white sand’ on the shores of Manila could have been better used to aid those greatly affected by the health crisis. DILG: Budget for dolomite in Manila bay white-sand project not from COVID-19 response fund Posted: 2020-Sep-15 15.36.53 UTC+0800 Manila Bay rehabilitation (Photo by DENR Dir. Dolomite is a Threat to Human Health While white sand is an addition for a luxurious Manila Bay, the mixed varying silica levels present pose a threat to human health. However, Not if it sends a message to future presidents. "So alam niyo naman ang rule sa budget, no, 'pag yan po ay nasa line item, yan lamang po ang pwedeng paggamitan nung pondo. ", [Translation: We never expected (the) COVID-19 (pandemic) would happen. Norman Cruz Interior Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya also said the project was only worth P28 million, contrary to the P389 million posted in earlier reports. So di lang po ito pagpapaganda," he said. The University of the Philippines Marine Biological Society (UP MBS) also condemned the project, “which does nothing to actually improve the worsening environmental and poverty conditions of the inhabitants of Manila Bay”. "As a Manila resident, I'm happy na magkakaroon po tayo ng beautification of Manila Bay kasi kaming mga taga-Maynila ay kinakailangan naman magkaroon din ng access, no, sa magandang beach sa mga panahon na hindi naman po pwedeng lumabas ng Metro Manila," Roque said in a virtual press briefing on Monday. © 2015 Nine Media Corp. CNN name, logo and all associated elements ™ and © 2015 Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All rights reserved. The P389-million project, which covers a 500-meter stretch of the bay’s shorelines with artificial white sand, has received flak from the public because of its timing and health risks. “There are many incorrect things with this project, foremost is that it is not attuned with the current predicament of our nation,” he pointed out. ], Is PH ready to build its own warships? Yup, she and The Bay have seen each other for many years and almost every day, from sunrise to sunset, at times from dusk to dawn if and when needed at work! Dolomite sands in Manila Bay. Hindi po," Roque said. On September 2, the Department of Environment and National Resources (DENR) unveiled its plan to form a 500-meter-long artificial white sand beach along the Roxas Boulevard coast of Manila Bay. It also aims to prevent soil erosion and help in flood control.]. According to Cimatu, the DENR has already spent P28 million for the purchase of dolomite from the total budget of P389 million for the Manila Bay beach nourishment project. There was no … Multiple sources state the palm-shaped offshore island, a product of land reclamation, was made using sea sand and rocks. "Hindi naman po natin inasahang na magkakaroon ng COVID-19, no," Roque explained. manila bay’s white sand. Roque, however, argued that the initiative is not solely about Manila Bay's beautification. The photos were taken in response to social media criticisms that the recent typhoon’s strong winds and heavy downpour could wash the dolomite rocks out into the bay. DENR Undersecretary Jonas Leones told the Appropriations panel that the agency spent P28 million for the acquisition and transport of dolomite from a municipality in Cebu. People visit a segment of the Manila Bay covered with white sand made of crushed dolomite when it opened to the public on Sept. 20, 2020. Manila Bay (The Bay) is somewhat close to her! “We are not even certain if this ‘white sand’ will be able to stay there since tons of trash fill up Manila Bay whenever there are typhoons,” Pabillo said. Metro Manila (The Philippine Patriot, September 2) — On September 2, the Department of Environment and National Resources (DENR) unveiled WHITE SAND FIASCO: Dolomite and the Issues about the Manila Bay Makeover - The Philippine Patriot Tuchie Gaddie) The Manila Bay Beach was constructed through the process of beach nourishment, which a common practice in the creation of beaches around the world. A viral Sept. 14 post by Facebook (FB) page No to Liberal Party is falsely claiming that the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was made using “million(s) of metric tons of dolomite.”. The approved budget for the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program (baywalk area) is reportedly P397,897,000, said Teddy Ridon of Infrawatch PH who also happens to be the former urban poor chief of the Duterte administration. In September, during the height of the dolomite dumping controversy on Manila Bay, Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu suspended the operations of two dolomite mining firms in Alcoy, Cebu, where government sourced the synthetic white sand. Instagram influencers are a vaccine priority in wary Indonesia. The Department of Health likewise expressed concern over crushed dolomite possibly causing adverse health effects such as eye irritation, respiratory problems upon inhalation, and gastrointestinal illnesses upon ingestion. However, hours after the announcement, the project drew the public ire. “For comparison, the average cost of a two-lane road is around P25 million to P30 million per kilometer. However, the Palace spokesperson reminded that the project's funding was approved way before the coronavirus health crisis happened, as it was part of the 2020 national budget approved last year. Bishop Broderick Pabillo, the administrator of the Manila archdiocese, said the P389 million project is ill-timed, pointing to the coronavirus pandemic the country is facing. The beach nourishment of Manila Bay is a part of a marching order issued by the Supreme Court, a writ of continuing mandamus dated Dec. 18, 2008, whereby the Supreme Court ordered/directed 13 government agencies to spearhead the clean-up, rehabilitation and eventual preservation of Manila Bay. 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And as I said, itong project na ito was proposed two years ago, included in last year’s budget and only being implemented,” Roque said. The beautification of Manila Bay has improved the appearance of the bay but the material of the sand, dolomite, acts as a major hazard to marine life and Filipinos as they can affect their health and the environment, which makes the budget misplaced. "Ang 2020 budget na ginagamit po natin para sa proyektong ito, 2019 pa po na-approve, wala pa pong Covid noon," he added. Environmental groups have slammed the Department of Environment and Natural Resources' project, which involves overlaying "white sand" or crushed dolomite boulders in Manila Bay as part of its rehabilitation program, saying it is entirely for "aesthetic" purposes. Running their computations with an estimated P1,000 per cubic meter of sand and P500 for labor, the group concluded that filling the 500 meters by … The beautification of Manila Bay was met with an outpouring of criticism last week after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) began to pile crushed dolomite along the shoreline. It’s not as simple as that. “Therefore, this beautification may only be temporary,” he added. According to Lehigh Hanson Inc., a Texas-based distributor and builder company, dolomite's crystalline silica content may … Ridon said the approved budget of the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program (Baywalk area) is PHP 397.897-Million, such that the white sand project costs around PHP 795,000 per meter of rehabilitating the Manila Baywalk. Meanwhile, in a separate briefing on Monday, Education Secretary Leonor Briones said the funding could have been used instead in purchasing gadgets for students and teachers shifting to distance learning. Impacts of Beach Nourishment using Dolomite Sand Dolomite is a naturally occurring mineral and has a low carcinogenic level to humans. ", [Translation: What they did is called beach enhancement, so it doesn't just involve beautification. Vice President Leni Robredo called the move "insensitive," adding the budget could have fed tens of thousands of poor families facing hunger amid the pandemic.

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